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Ukraine Summer School

Emma and ChristophVisit to London

In June 2023, the History and English departments hosted a two-week summer school, with funding support from the Institute of Advanced Study. The programme welcomed 20 students from the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv.

In the following video, three of the Ukrainian students share their reflections on this visit, and what it meant to them to be in the UK.

Video: Ukraine Summer School - Student PerspectivesLink opens in a new window

This summer school was supported by a range of departments, led by History and English. In this video, Warwick staff and students describe the genesis of this event and articulate the mutual benefits for everyone involved.

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The Ukraine Summer School - in pictures

The summer school programme offered a diverse range of courses and workshops on topics ranging from environmental humanities to war memorials and religious poetry. Below, we share some photographs taken during the programme, accompanied by selected testimonials from the visiting students. Some of these testimonials are taken from an article published by the Ukrainian Catholic University following the visit.

Visit to London'Christoph Mick gave a thought-provoking lecture on the “Unknown Soldier” memorials as an instrument of nation-building. We were grateful for his interest in what we felt was important for British students to know about the history of Ukraine.'

Baddesley Clinton'All of us are certified travel lovers, so any day that started on a bus was a great one. We went to Baddesley Clinton, a fascinating Tudor manor with a nearly 500-year history.'

Environmental Humanities field trip

'Jonathan Skinner and Nick Lawrence took us on a picturesque hike in the Midland hills where we spoke of literature and the role of nature in establishing culture.'

Coalbrookdale Museum visit'I liked the experience of being fully involved in a totally different culture with such a beautiful history and diverse people.'

Coventry Cathedral'Our trip to Coventry Cathedral was special. Dheeraj Shivlal, a student from President Kennedy School who won a poetry competition hosted by the University of Warwick, read us his wonderful poem called “We Are United” about the first days of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine and the response of the British people. It was really moving, and several of us (myself included, I must admit) teared up.'

Outdoor meal

'We had the opportunity to take a retreat, learn a lot of new inspiring and interesting things, and, most importantly, share the experiences as Ukrainians living under the conditions of war.'

Student Ambassadors'When you arrive in Britain, you expect cold rain and gloomy skies. We were greeted by the warm summer sun and no less warm welcome from the team of the University of Warwick.'

Warwick Chaplaincy'The staff and students of Warwick were extremely welcoming and sweet. All of them were so open and excited to meet us, we couldn’t help but feel at home.'