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Key Women

This list is NOT exhaustive!

Where appropriate I have included information on key works from the women concerned (not all were writers and poets). Not all of these are available in the library but many are on Google Books or the Internet Archive.

  • Julia Cartwright Ady
    Mantegna and Francia
    The Early Work of Raphael
    Raphael in Rome
    Beatrice d'Este, Duchess of Milan, 1475-1497. A study of the Renaissance
    The Painters of Florence from the thirteenth to the sixteenth century
    Isabella d'Este, Marchioness of Mantua, 1474-1539; a study of the Renaissance
    The Life and Art of Sandro Botticelli
    Baldassare Castiglione the perfect courtier, his life and letters, 1478-1529
    Italian Gardens of the Renaissance, and Other Studies
  • Ashurst Family (Elizabeth and her daughters Eliza Bardonnau, Matilda Biggs, Caroline Stansfeld and Emilie Venturi)
    Mazzini's Letters to an English Family
  • Elizabeth Barrett Browning
    Aurora Leigh
    Casa Guidi Windows
  • Isa Blagden
    Agnes Tremorne
  • Selina Bunbury
    A Visit to the Catacombs, or First Christian Cemeteries at Rome: and a Midnight Visit to Mount Vesuvius
    Evelyn, or, A journey from Stockholm to Rome in 1847-48
  • Frances Power Cobbe
    Newspaper journalism
  • Charlotte Cushman (US)
  • Madame (Germaine) De Staël (Swiss)
    Corinne, or, Italy
  • George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans)
  • Kate Field (US)
  • Margaret Fuller (Ossoli) (US)
    Memoirs of Margaret Fuller Ossoli
    At Home and Abroad
  • Arethusa Gibson
  • Georgina Grahame
    In a Tuscan Garden
    Under Petraia, With Some Saunterings
  • Harriet Hamilton King
    Aspromonte and other poems (including Italy, The Execution of Felice Orsini and The Battle Hymn for Garibaldi's British Legion)
    The Disciples
    Letters and Recollections of Mazzini
  • Matilda Hays
    Adrienne Hope
    Helen Stanley
  • Harriet Hosmer (US)
  • Vernon Lee (Violet Paget)
    Studies of the Eighteenth Century in Italy
    Euphorion: Being Studies of the Antique and the Mediaeval in the Renaissance
    Renaissance Fancies And Studies Being A Sequel To Euphorion
    The Child In The Vatican
    In Umbria: A Study of Artistic Personality
    Sister Benvenuta and the Christ Child, an eighteenth-century legend
    The Spirit of Rome: Leaves from a Diary
    Ravenna and Her Ghosts
    The Sentimental Traveller . Notes on Places
  • Anna Jameson
    Diary of an Enuyee
    House of Titian
    Sacred and Legendary Art
  • Edmonia Lewis (US)
  • Dorothy Nevile Lees
    Scenes and Shrines
    Tuscan Feasts
    Tuscan Friends
  • Sara Levi Nathan
  • Florence Nightingale
    Letters Written by Florence Nightingale in Rome in the Winter of 1847-1848
  • Ouida (Maria Louise Rame)
  • Sarah Parker Remond (US)
  • Janet Ross
    Italian Sketches
    Leaves from Our Tuscan Kitchen, or, How to Cook Vegetables
    The Land of Manfred prince of Tarentum…
    Florentine Palaces And Their Stories
    Lives of the Early Medici As Told in Their Correspondence
    The Story of Pisa
    The Story of Lucca
    Old Florence and Modern Tuscany
    Florentine Villas
  • Giorgina Saffi
  • Julia Salis Schwabe (German)
  • Mary Shelley
    Frankenstein, or, the Modern Prometheus
    Valperga; or, The Life and Adventures of Castruccio, Prince of Lucca
    Rambles in Germany and Italy in 1840, 1842, and 1843
  • Ann Radcliffe
    A Sicilian Romance
    The Romance of the Forest
    The Mysteries of Udolpho
    The Italian
  • Mariana Starke
    Letters from Italy, between the years 1792 and 1798 containing a view of the Revolutions in that country
    Travels on the Continent: written for the use and particular information of travellers
    Travels in Europe between the years 1824 and 1828 adapted to the use of travellers (London 1828)
  • Clementia Taylor
  • Frances (Fanny) Trollope
    A Visit to Italy
  • Theodosia Garrow Trollope
    Social Aspects of the Italian Revolution, in a Series of Letters from Florence: With a Sketch of Subsequent Events up to the Present Time
  • Lina Waterfield
    The Story of Perugia
    The Story of Assisi
    Rome and Its Story
    Concise and Practical Guide to Rome
    Home Life in Italy: Letters from the Apennines
    Castle in Italy: An Autobiography
  • Jessie White Mario
    Birth of Modern Italy
    Newspaper journalism in the Daily News
    The Poor in Naples

Theodosia Garrow Trollope