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Religious Conflict and Civil War in France c. 1560-1600 (HI388)


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This undergraduate final-year Special Subject module focuses on the experience of war in sixteenth-century France from the perspective of local communities as well as the crown and the nobility. It draws on a wide variety of contemporary sources in English translation including correspondence, memoirs, legislation, petitions and prints. The aim of the module is for students to develop an understanding of the circumstances which led to and perpetuated civil war and why repeated attempts to establish peaceful confessional co-existence failed. Students will develop the critical skills to engage with current historiographical debates, and be given the opportunity to write an extended piece of assessed work using both primary and secondary sources.


One-Term Variant for Renaissance Stream students


Spring Term

  1. France in 1560
  2. Socio-economic Context - the Nobility & the Towns
  3. Religious context - the French Reformation & the Huguenot Church
  4. Religious Toleration and the Edicts of Pacification
  5. Warfare and Violence
  6. Reading Week
  7. The Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacres
  8. Theories of Resistance and Henry III
  9. The Catholic Response - Militancy and the Catholic League
  10. The 'Triumph' of Henry IV: France in 1600 and the Impact of War