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Week 8

Week 8. Upending the Strategic Map, II: Muhammad Ali, the Eastern Question and the Defence of British India

Mini lecture

Core Seminar Readings:

Primary Sources:

1-‘Henry Ellis’ Memorandum on the Designs of Mehemet ‘Ali,’ reprinted in John B. Kelly, Britain and the Persian Gulf (Oxford: Clarendon, 1968).

2-John Bowing, ‘Anglo-Turkish war; Egypt and Syria’, Westminster Review 35, no. 1 (1841): 187-224.

Secondary Sources:

Jonathan Parry, Chap. 6 ‘Constantinople, London, the Eastern Crisis, and the Middle East,’ in Promised Lands: The British and the Ottoman Middle East (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2022).

Khaled Fahmy, “The Era of Muhammad `Ali Pasha, 1805-1848,” In The Cambridge History of Egypt: Modern Egypt, from 1517 to the End of the Twentieth Century (ed. M.W. Daly; Cambridge University Press, 1998)

Further Readings:

Khaled Fahmy, All the Pasha’s Men: Mehmed Ali, His Army, and the Making of Modern Egypt (Cairo: American University in Cairo Press, 2002).

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