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Week 1

Week 1. Travellers to the Middle East; Travellers from the Middle East

Mini Lecture

Seminar Readings:

Primary Sources:

1-Harriet Martineau, Eastern Life, Present and Past (1848) (see extracts from Geoffrey Nash, Travellers to the Middle East from Burckhardt to Thesiger: An Anthology (London: Anthem Press, 2009): 25-30.

2-Selection of paintings Scenes from the Harem from John Frederick Lewis in Chap. 6 ‘The Politics of Portraiture Behind the Veil,’ in Mary Roberts, Intimate Outsiders: The Harem in Ottoman and Orientalist Art and Travel Literature (Duke: Duke University Press, 2007).

Secondary Sources:

Nile Green, Introduction ‘Introducing Mr D’Arcy’s Persians: Iranians in Jane Austen’s England,’ in The Love of Strangers: What Six Muslim Students Learned in Jane Austen’s London (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2016).

Billie Melman, ‘Desexualizing the Orient: The Harem in English Travel writing by Women, 1763–1914,’ Mediterranean Historical Review 4, no. 2: 301-339

Mary Roberts, Chap. 2 ‘Mr Lewis’s Oriental Paradises’ and Chap. 4 ‘Being Seen’, in Intimate Outsiders: the Harem in Ottoman and Orientalist Art and Travel Literature (Duke: Duke University Press, 2007).

Further Readings:

See also the bibliography on Orientalism and the Imperial Eye (Term 1).Link opens in a new window

Nicholas Tromans, ed., Lure of the East: British Orientalist Painting (London: Tate, 2008).

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