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Week 10

Week 10: Centre or Periphery? The Globalizing Economy of the Middle East

Mini Lecture

Core Seminar Readings:

Primary Sources:

1-'The Opening of the Suez Canal: The Procession of Ships in the Canal' and 'The Festival at Ismailia'. The Illustrated London News, 18 December 1869.

2-'The Pearl Fishery in the Persian Gulf,' from The Graphic, 1 October 1881, p. 356.

Secondary Sources:

Guillemette Crouzet, Chap. 4 ‘The Globalization of the Gulf Economy,’ in Inventing the Middle East: Britain and the Persian Gulf in the Age of Global Imperialism (Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2022).

Valeska Huber, Chap. 1 ‘Rites de passage and perceptions of global space,’ in Channelling Mobilities: Migration and Globalisation in the Suez Canal Region and Beyond, 1869–1914 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013).

Charles Philip Issawi, Chap. 3 ‘The Development of transport,’ in An Economic History of the Middle East and North Africa (New York: Columbia University Press, 1982)

Further Readings:

Roger Owen, The Middle East in the World Economy, 1800-1914 (London: Methuen, 1981).

Joel Beinin, Bassam Haddad, and Sherene Seikaly, A Critical Political Economy of the Middle East and North Africa (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2021).

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