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Homework W2 & 3

Week 2

Group C (Katsuko)

There is no homework to submit. You need to work on your "independent Learning". Here is some work I would suggest for you to do. Please add your own.

  • Make a study plan (remember PDCA), weekly & yearly
  • Get an A4 binder to keep your materials
  • Spend time listening to the accompanying CD (Textbook & Workbook, if you have it). This week, we have coverd Lesson 1
  • Go over the notes for Lesson 1. (See below)
  • Start Learning Hiragana. (See below). Find out the meaning of the following words, 1 にほん、2せんせい, 3 おはよう
  • Learn some useful expressions and greetings.(See below)
  • Learn vocab in Lesson 1. (See below)
  • If you can, read Lesson 2 to prepare for the next lesson.

Resources for Week 2

Lecture notes L1 PPT MP4
Basic Greetings PPT MP4
Aiueo Charts (Basci 46) PPT PPT
JFBP xvi expressions


JFBP Vocab L1 Excel