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Lifelong Language Learning (LLL) Course Enrolment

Enrolment for LLL courses in 2022/23 is now closed

The courses in the Lifelong Language Learning (LLL) programme may be taken by students, university staff and we are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer our courses also to members of the public.

We offer a range of levels, depending on the language.

All LLL courses will be taught entirely online, using Microsoft Teams.

The fee for a Lifelong Language Course will be £275.

Decisions on which classes will run in 2022/23 will be made on Friday 7 October, and only enrolments for viable classes will be taken past this time. If your enrolment has been successful, and we will be running the course for 2022/23, you will be sent an email confirmation by no later than Saturday 8 October 2022.

Step 1:

Decide which language you would like to learn.

If you are a beginner or if you are absolutely sure of your level, you will be able to enrol online using the link provided (please note: you cannot change level once you have enrolled online without the specific consent of your class tutor and the office).

If you need help determining your level, you will need to email us at


Step 2:

Complete the online enrolment form.

Once you have determined which level/course to enrol in, you will need to complete the online enrolment form and ensure you have declared any prior study.

The form, along with more information on the process, can be found below. Payment must be made at the same time as completing the form (debit and credit card payments are taken online).

Please note: 

  • payment can only be made online.
  • it is no longer possible to use Warwick Learning Account (WLA) vouchers for Language Centre courses


Step 3:

Are you an undergraduate student taking a LLL course?

LLL courses bear no credit and do not need to be added to module registration (MRM). If you are an undergraduate student, and you meet the criteria for successfully completing the course, you will receive an achieved grade in your HEAR record at the end of the academic year (please see here for more information on HEAR).

LLL timetable for 2022-23

Please find here details of the LLL courses offered in 2022-23

FAQs for LLL

Please see here for some FAQs regarding our LLL courses

LLL enrolment forms are no longer open for academic year 2022/23

Students and staff, please enrol here.

Members of the public, please enrol here.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our LLL courses, or regarding how to enrol with us, please contact us at SMLCOffice at warwick dot ac dot uk

Please note: we operate a NO REFUND policy, except in the following cases:

  • If we have to cancel a class;
  • If you are unable to attend and you notify us at least one week before the start of the course;
  • In very special circumstances (medical reasons or relocation - proof required for both). This does not include other commitments.