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The fast track to fluency

In March 1999 Scott approached The Language Centre at the recommendation of a business associate. His Company had won further market share with an existing client whose headquarters was in Paris. He recalls:

“I had previously tried one-to one lessons with a colleague who was a French teacher but progress was slow and I decided to look for a solution better suited to my needs. After a chat with the Business Language Development Officer I was instantly on track.”

The training needs analysis carried out by a professional language teacher identified specific teaching objectives. A suitable tutor who could support Scott’s needs and progress was put on the case!

“I felt extremely nervous about going to a University for my training. I had little academic experience and left school at 15 without sitting a single exam. However, after my initial consultation most of my anxiety turned to excitement at the thought of facing a new challenge.”

Our understanding of how we acquire language has moved on a pace since your school days. We know how to teach you to communicate effectively and understand the culture within which you are operating. Up to date resources, thorough tutor training and the most advanced technology to support learning makes training with The Language Centre a new experience and offer the possibility of greater success.

“The quality of teaching was high; the tutor was friendly and focused upon helping me to achieve my goal. We used video and CD-ROM material and she tailored teaching material to suit my needs.”

Individually tailored programmes with clearly defined targets can enable you to invest your training budget wisely. All trainees are able to make use of our Open Access Centre with its multimedia facilities to ensure rapid progress. Our expertise can impact directly on your business.

“I am now able to communicate effectively via e-mail in French with our Client, eliminating the barriers which would otherwise hinder business. This has increased the Client’s confidence in us as a supplier, resulting in a larger number of enquiries and sales. It has significantly enhanced our relationship with a valuable Client.”

Such success can change your business and your life! Scott has since succeeded on an Intermediate level Academic module with us and is an outstanding student. In his quest to be fully fluent in French, despite only being able to devote a few hours a week to his study, he has chosen the fast track to fluency.

“Given my poor academic background I personally feel that I have achieved well. I have no doubt that with the help care and advice from the Language Centre I will achieve my goal.”

Scott had no prior experience of French from his school career and achieved his degree of fluency during personal tuition during and after working hours.

Let the experts look after your training needs. We care about fulfilling your potential.