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portfolio accreditation

After completing 60 hours of business language training you are entitled to accreditation for the award of  the University of Warwick Open Studies Business Language Certificate. The levels of this certificate are calibrated against the Common European Framework for languages and the revised National Occupational Standards (2010).

Evidence of achievement

 Your tutor submits evidence to us throughout your learning and this is kept in your personal portfolio at the Language Centre. If you wish to add additional evidence you can do so by completing tasks set by your tutor and sending them to:

Speaking proficiency can be recorded here on our assessment voiceboard. This is a private board for our business clients. To access the features of the board you will need a pc with a headset and a sound card.

 Run this wizard to check that your pc is ready. Please use your christian name and initial letter of your surname as your screen name, ie JonathonR.

(Word Document) How to post to a voiceboard


Recordings for assessment

This extract from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages illustrates the features of spoken language that we are looking for at each level: Qualitative aspects of spoken language use