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FAQ Route 1

 Intensive Training

Do I have to attend sessions for 2 hours every day?

Not necessarily.  Sessions will be arranged around your schedule and for example can be concentrated on one or two days if you prefer.  It takes an average of 300 hours to be capable and competent at working in another language if starting from entry level.

Do I have to attend the University of Warwick for my sessions?

Not always.  For best progress it is ideal to be working in an environment where you will not be interrupted.  We will always work with your requirements and agree a suitable location with you.

Can you meet a specific need such as meeting preparation?

Yes we can.  Through this programme your training is tailored to your requirements.  Talk to us and we will prepare the best programme for you.

What are the National Language Standards?

These provide an agreed vocational framework for language capabilities closely referenced to the Common European Framework. Find out more on the Language Centre webpages.

Who pays for this training?

This training is only available to employees who urgently need language training to do their job. More information is available on portal in the Learning and Development pages. If you are identified as urgently requiring another language to do your job then your business area will fund the cost.