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FAQ Route 2

Small Group Business Training

Is the content of the course business orientated?

Yes in the broadest sense.  You will be acquiring the communication skills necessary to function internationally.

What time commitment do I need to make?

This route is designed to provide a cost effective solution to training needs.  You need to commit to a minimum of 1 ½ hours a week in order to progress effectively.

I may need to accelerate my learning in future for a placement abroad.  Is this the appropriate route to take?

Yes this is the right route for you now.  The framework for this Route (the National Language Standards) is shared with Route 1 so it will be easy to transfer if that becomes necessary.

What are the National Language Standards?

These provide an agreed vocational framework for language capabilities closely referenced to the Common European Framework. Find out more on the Language Centre website.

Who pays for this training?

This training is only available to employees who need language training to do their job.  Find out more from portal Learning and Development pages. If you are identified as requiring another language to do your job then your business area will fund the cost.