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Route 3

Route three: leisure language groups

These informal groups will encourage you to revive or acquire speaking and listening skills necessary to integrate with the locals during holiday visits or travel. The courses are offered in French, German, Spanish and Italian at a range of levels.

  • The minimum group number is 10 and the maximum group size is 15.
  • Each module will be made up of ten 2 hour sessions, a reasonable amount of time to notice progress.
  • Group members have password access to online support site
  • 6 modules of study leads to a certificate under the University of Warwick Open Studies accreditation scheme

Course materials will be recommended and can be ordered from your tutor, supplied through the University bookshop passing on our 10% discount. You will be expected to practise key phrases and vocabulary in between class sessions. Classes will take place after normal work hours at an E-ON  site near you.

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Course material information:

Emphasis is on participation and increasing your speaking and listening skills.

Entry level groups will use the BBC Talk course (guide price gbp15). This pack includes audio cd and lots of interactive support.


Also available are Talk Spanish and Talk French DVDs (guide price gbp 20). These six-part television series offer a lively introduction to everyday French and Spanish for absolute beginners. Based on the classic BBC TWO series, the entertaining and informative programmes can be used either alone or as part of the highly successful BBC short courses Talk French and Talk Spanish, which include a compact course book and accompanying audio. Filmed on location, the Talk programmes assume no prior knowledge of the language, and feature authentic dialogues between native speakers, plus clear and concise on-screen language tips. Offering an invaluable insight into the sights, sounds and culture of France and Spain, the programmes will help to bring the languages to life for your students! The DVDs also boast a number of exciting interactive features to check your progress at every stage, including key phrases, quizzes and language notes.

Other levels will be using:

BBC Get into Spanish/French or Italianissismo (for Italian). (guide price gbp20). These courses provide enough material for those seriously interested in building theier skills to an effective level. Although more expensive than the Talk courses, they build on the grammar and provide enough material for up to 100 hours of study.

All courses can be obtained online through the BBC bookshop and are also widely available at all good bookstores.