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In touch

This voiceboard has been created to demonstrate the technology currently available to support language training. By downloading a small applet you will be able to listen and reply to spoken messages from our tutors in a range of languages.


 Click here to use the In Touch Voice Board

Technical support

The board controls are similar to those of a tape recorder. A headset is the most comfortable way to use the technology. The boards create a virtual meeting place for those involved in language learning in your Company, creating an on-line community to encourage communication in the target language. You can use the board with a screen identity if you prefer to remain anonymous!

When learning a language, fluency develops with regular exposure. Now you can listen and send real messages as often as you wish in order to train your brain to work in your target language. The next best thing to living in the country!

Read a case study of trainees Andrew and Sara who used a voiceboard to develop their speaking and listening skills.