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Publications by Professor Ingrid De Smet

I. Publications

a. sole-authored books

b. co-edited book and special issues

  • Co-editor, with Paul White, Sodalitas litteratorum: le compagnonnage littéraire néo-latin et français à la Renaissance. Études à la mémoire de Philip Ford / Studies in Memory of Philip FordLink opens in a new window, Cahiers d'Humanisme et Renaissance 158 (Geneva: Droz, 2019)
  • Project manager and co-author, with Alexander Russell, of Cryfield Grange: The History of a Listed Warwickshire Farmhouse from its Medieval Origins to the Mid-Twentieth Century, with appendices by Jenny Alexander and N. W. Alcock (Coventry: Centre for the Study of the Renaissance, University of Warwick, 2017). illustrated. ISBN 978-1-5272-13654
  • Co-editor, with Catherine Magnien, of Cahiers V.-L. Saulnier 24 (2007): special issue on Jacques-Auguste de Thou: Ecriture et Condition Robine, with an introduction by F. Lestringant. ISBN: 978-2-840-50-481-8
  • Co-editor, with Katherine Astbury and Jane Hiddleston of a French Cultural Studies (Sage publishers), 17.3 (October 2006): special issue on ‘Intellectual Diasporas / Departures’.
  • Guest editor of a special issue on “Early Modern France” of the Renaissance Journal. Journal of the AHRC Centre for the Study of Renaissance Elites and Court Cultures, University of Warwick, 2 (2005), 4. Co-edited with Jayne Archer and Sarah Knight. On-line version here.
  • Eros et Priapus: érotisme et obscénité dans la littérature néo-latine, études réunies et présentées par Ingrid De Smet et Philip Ford, Cahiers d’Humanisme et Renaissance (anciennement Etudes de Philologie et d’Histoire) 51 (Geneva: Droz, 1997), xviii + 188 p.

c. articles and chapters in books


  • 'Translating Neo-Latin Texts for Contemporary Audiences: Some Methodological Reflections', special issue in memoriam Jeanine De Landtsheer, Humanistica Lovaniensia, 71.2 (2023), 447-81 [peer reviewed], in press
  • ‘Paul Choart de Buzanval: A Learned French Ambassador and the Republic of Letters’, Erudition and the Republic of Letters, 8 (2023), 109-46 [refereed], doi: 10.1163/24055069-08020001


  • ‘The Hawk and the Poet: Falconry in Italian Neo-Latin Literature’, in Falconry in the Mediterranean Context during the Pre-Modern Era, ed. by Charles Burnett and Baudouin Van den Abeele, Bibliotheca Cynegetica 9 (Geneva: Droz, 2021), pp. 107-51 [peer-reviewed book chapter with, in appendix, a new edition and translation of T. V. Strozzi’s Tertiolus peregrinus]
  • ‘Chasing Commentaries: Kaspar Schoppe, Jacques Bongars and Pierre Daniel, or the Backstory to the Servius DanielisRevisited’, in 'Habent sua fata libelli.' Studies in Book History, the Classical Tradition, and Humanism in Honor of Craig Kallendorf, ed. by Steven M. Oberhelman, Giancarlo Abbamonte, and Patrick Baker (Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2021), 395-430 [peer-reviewed book chapter]
  • ‘“Questo discorso… fu fatto in lingua Italiana”: Multilingualism, Translation and Pseudo-Translation in the Satyre Menippée in light of a Contemporary Italian Manuscript Translation (c. 1594)’, Bibliothèque d’Humanisme et Renaissance, 2 (2021), 279-302 [refereed]
  • ‘James Parke’s Ars Piscatoria, or The Art of Fishing, according to an Early Nineteenth-Century Cambridge Poet (with an annotated Text Edition and Translation)’, in Dulces ante omnia Musae: Essays on Neo-Latin Poetry in Honour of Dirk Sacré, ed. by J. De Landtsheer, F. Della Schiava, and T. Van Houdt (Turnhout: Brepols, 2021), 591-613 [peer-reviewed] DOI: 10.1484/M.STLLL-EB.5.124085


  • ‘“Vir ad publicam utilitatem natus”: Action, Pensée et Loisir chez Jacques Auguste de Thou’, in Penser et agir à la Renaissance. Thought and Action in the Renaissance, ed. by Philippe Desan and Véronique Ferrier (Geneva: Droz, 2020), pp. 335-65
  • ‘Presidential Address’, in Acta Neo-Latini Albasitensis. Proceedings of the Seventeenth International Congress of Neo-Latin Studies (Albacete 2018), ed. by Florian Schaffenrath, María Teresa Santamaría Hernández et al.(Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2020), pp. xxx-xxxiii
  • ‘The Bird-Catcher’s Wiles: Pietro Angeli da Barga’s De Aucupio’, in Acta Neo-Latini Albasitensis. Proceedings of the Seventeenth International Congress of Neo-Latin Studies (Albacete 2018), ed. by Florian Schaffenrath, María Teresa Santamaría Hernández et al.(Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2020), pp. 223-35 (refereed)
  • ‘Moss, Ann, 1938-2018’, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the British Academy 19 (2020), 255-75: online version (Open Access)


  • ‘How the Sauce Got to be Better than the Fish: Scholarship and Rivalry in Isaac Casaubon’s Studies of Ancient Satire’, Erudition and the Republic of Letters, 4 (2019) (= special issue on Isaac Casaubon, ed. by Mordechai Feingold), 275-315 (16,750 words) [refereed]
  • ‘Humanist Culture in Renaissance France’, in The Cambridge History of French Thought, by Michael Moriarty & Jeremy Jennings, pp. 33-40 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019) [commissioned] doi:10.1017/9781316681572.003


  • ‘Princess of the North: Perceptions of the Gyrfalcon in the Western European Renaissance’, in Raptor and Human:Falconry and Bird Symbolism throughout the Millennia on a Global Scale, ed. by Karl-Heinz Gersmann and Oliver Grimm, Advanced Studies on the Archaeology and History of Hunting 1, 4 vols (Schleswig: Zentrum für Baltische und Skandinavische Archäologie [Stiftung Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesmuseen, Schloss Gottorf], 2018), 4, pp. 1543-69


  • ‘Isaac D’Israeli, Reader of Montaigne’, for Montaigne in Transit. Essays in Honour of Ian Maclean, ed. by Neil Kenny, Richard Scholar, and Wes Williams (Cambridge: Legenda / Modern Humanities Research Association, 2016), 187-202


  • ‘Relire la Pancharis (1587) de Jean Bonnefons (1554-1614)’, Le Seizième Siècle11 (2015), 305-29
  • ‘Satire’, in: The Oxford Handbook of Neo-Latin, ed. by S. Knight & S. Tilg, Oxford Handbooks (New York: Oxford University Press, 2015), 199-215
  • ‘Michel de Montaigne, Francis Douce, Isaac D’Israeli et les Illustrations de la Gaulle belgiquede Jacques de Guyse (Paris, 1531-32): à la recherche d’un livre perdu’, Montaigne Studies 27 (2015), 205-16 [peer-reviewed] doi: 10.15122 / isbn.978-2-406-07025-2.p.0205
  • ‘Politics, Letters and Religion: The Networks of Paul Choart de Buzanval’, Bulletin of the Society for Renaissance Studies, 32.2 (2015), 5-8 (Annual Lecture report)
  • ‘Des livres pour de Thou (et Pinelli): collectionneurs, livres clandestins et sillons confessionnels’, in Les Labyrinthes de l’esprit. Collections et bibliothèques à la Renaissance. Renaissance Libraries and Collections, ed. by Rosanna Gorris Camos and Alexandre Vanautgaerden, Travaux d’Humanisme et Renaissance 551 (Geneva: Droz & Bibliothèque de Genève, 2015), Part IV, chapter 2, pp. 229-53 (book chapter). isbn 978-2-600-01909-5 issn 0082-6081


  • ‘Neo-Latin Literature - France: The Seventeenth and Later Centuries - Literature’; ‘Occasional Poetry: Theory’, and ‘Thou, Jacques Auguste de’, in Brill's Encyclopaedia of the Neo-Latin World, ed. by Ph. Ford, J. Bloemendal, and Ch. Fantazzi (Leiden: Brill, 2014), 2 vols (encyclopaedia articles - commissioned; refereed) Online version (Brill) 
  • '"An art unknown to the Ancients": Falconer’s Parlance in Jacques Auguste de Thou’s Hieracosophioy sive de re accipitraria libri III (1582/84-1612)', in Tom Deneire (ed.), Dynamics of Neo-Latin and the Vernacular: Language and Poetics, Translation and Transfer, Medieval and Renaissance Authors and Texts 13 (Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2014), pp. 230-50 (book chapter, illustrated) Online version


  • (with Alain Legros): ‘Un Manuscrit de François Baudouin dans la "librairie" de Montaigne’, Bibliothèque d’Humanisme et Renaissance, 75 (2013), 105-11 Learn more 
  • ‘Philosophy for Princes: Aristotle's Politics and Its Readers during the French Wars of Religion’, Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes, 76 (2013), 23-47 ISSN 0075-4390 Online ISSN: 2044-0014 Online version (IngentaConnect)



  • ‘Petronius’, in The Classical Tradition, ed. by Anthony Grafton, Glenn Most and Salvatore Setti (Harvard University Press, 2010), 706-707.
  • ‘Livres, érudition et irénisme à l’époque des Guerres de religion: autour de la Satyre ménippée’,in Between Scylla and Charybdis. Learned Letter Writers Navigating the Reefs of Religious and Political Controversy in Early Modern Europe, ed. by Jeanine De Landtsheer and Henk Nellen, Brill’s Studies in Intellectual History (Leiden: Brill, 2010), 185-201. ISBN: 9789004185739
  • ‘“Les Choux, les violettes, et les petites fleurs”, ou ce qui gênait Agrippa d'Aubigné dans la poésie de Jacques-Auguste de Thou’, in Une Volée de poètes. D'Aubigné et la génération poétique des années 1570-1610, by Julien Goeury and Pierre Martin (Niort, 2010) = Albineana, 22 (2010), 159-77



  • ‘Of Doctors, Dreamers and Soothsayers: Julius Caesar Scaliger and Auger Ferrier’, Bibliothèque d'Humanisme et Renaissance 70.2 (2008), 351-76 Online version (JStor)
  • ‘“Ma rivière de Dordoigne”, ou Montaigne au pays des eaux’, in Montaigne et sa région: Actes du colloque international de Bordeaux, 13-16 septembre 2007, ed. by Bruno Roger-Vasselin = Nouveau Bulletin de la Société Internationale des Amis de Montaigne, 4.2 (2008), 189-207 - ISSN: 1965-2348 [peer-reviewed]


  • ‘La Poésie au fumier: la figure de Job à l’époque des Guerres de Religion’, in Jacques-Auguste de Thou (1553-1617): Écriture et condition robine,[ed. by C. Magnien & I. A. R. De Smet],foreword by F. Lestringant = Cahiers V.-L. Saulnier 24 (2007), pp. 89-106
  • ‘Conclusion’, and ‘Orientations bibliographiques’, in Jacques-Auguste de Thou (1553-1617): Écriture et condition robine, [ed. by Catherine Magnien and Ingrid A. R. De Smet], with a foreword by F. Lestringant = Cahiers V.-L. Saulnier 24 (2007).
  • ‘Pastoral Politics in the Poetry of Jacques-Auguste de Thou’, in: Neo-Latin and the Pastoral, ed. by Philip Ford and Andrea Taylor = Revue canadienne de littérature comparée / Canadian Review for Comparative Literature, 33.1-2 (2006) (in fact: Dec. 2007), 117-34 Online version(Open Access) ISSN 0319-051X ; ISBN 978-1-55195-223-29


  • ‘Nicolas Rigault’, Centuriae Latinae II: Cent une figures humanistes de la Renaissance aux Lumières. A la mémoire de Marie-Madeleine de La Garanderie, ed. by Colette Nativel, Travaux d’Humanisme et Renaissance 164 (Geneva: Droz, 2006), pp. 727-33
  • ‘Jacques-Auguste de Thou (1553-1617)', in Justus Lipsius (1547-1606): een geleerde en zijn Europese netwerk. Catalogus van de tentoonstelling in de Centrale Bibliotheek te Leuven, 18 oktober-20 december 2006, ed. by J. De Landtsheer, D. Sacré and C. Coppens, Supplementa Humanistica Lovaniensia (Leuven: Leuven University Press, 2006), pp. 460-66


  • Thuanus ille Philiater, ou Médecins, robins, et poètes aux temps des Guerres de Religion (le cas de Jacques-Auguste de Thou)’, Le XVIeeSiècle (formerly La Nouvelle Revue du XVIe Siècle), 1 (2005), 267-88. Online version (Persée) / (JStor)


  • ‘Contre les cloches: autour de neuf épigrammes inédites de Jacques-Auguste de Thou’, Bibliothèque d’Humanisme et Renaissance1 (2004), 85-104 Online version (JStor)
  • ‘Thou (Jacques-Auguste de)’, in: Dictionnaire Montaigne, ed. by Ph. Desan (Paris: Champion, 2004)
  • ‘Geluidshinder in Parijs: negen onuitgegeven epigrammen van Jacques-Auguste de Thou (1553-1617)’, in D. Sacré and M. De Schepper (eds), ‘Et scholae et vitae’: Acta selecta van twee colloquia van Orbis Neolatinus (Leuven, 1998-2002)(Amersfoort: Florivallis, 2004), pp. 115-34


  • ‘From Brindisi to the Limousin: treading the path of the voyage galant’, in: (Re)Inventing the Past: Essays in Honour of Ann Moss, Ferguson and C. Hampton, Durham Modern Languages Series (Durham: University of Durham, 2003), pp. 299-318 ISBN 0-907310-55-8


  • ‘Going Public: Rewriting and Self-Fashioning in the Poetry of Jacques-Auguste de Thou’, EMF: Studies in Early Modern France, vol. 8: Strategic Rewriting, ed. David Lee Rubin (Charlottesville [VA], Rookwood Press, 2002), pp. 25-42


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  • ‘Town and Gown in the Dutch Golden Age: The Menippean Satires of Jan Bodecher Benningh and “Amatus Fornacius”’, in: G. Tournoy and D. Sacré(eds), Myricae. Essays on Neo-Latin Literature in Memory of Jozef IJsewijn (Leuven University Press/Peeters Press, 2000), pp. 491-521


  • ‘How to Make Enemies, or Gaspar Scioppius and the Might of the Pen’ in Kaspar Schoppe(1576-1649). Philologe im Dienste der Gegenreformation: Beiträge zur Gelehrtenkultur des europäischen Späthumanismus, ed. by Herbert Jaumann (Frankfurt am Main: Klostermann, 1998) = Zeitsprünge: Forschungen zur Frühen Neuzeit, 2.3-4 (1998), pp. 201-30 ISBN 3-465-02784-1 ISSN 1431-7451


  • ‘Innocence Lost, or the Implications of Reading and Writing (Neo-)Latin Prose Fiction’, in Eros et Priapus(cf. supra), pp. 85-111.
  • ‘In the Name of the Father: Feminist Voices in the Republic of Letters (A. Tarabotti, A. M. van Schurman, M. de Gournay)’, in La Femme Lettrée à la Renaissance…: Actes du Colloque international Bruxelles, 27-29 mars 1996, ed. by Michel Bastiaensen, Travaux de l’Institut Interuniversitaire pour l’Etude de la Renaissance et de l’Humanisme 12 (Louvain et Bruxelles: Peeters, 1997), pp. 177-96 ISBN 90-6831-929-9 isbn 2-87723-337-5


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  • ‘The Legacy of the Gourd Re-Examined: the Fortune of Seneca’s Apocolocyntosis and its Influence on Humanist Satire’, in La Satire humaniste: Actes du Colloque inter­national des 31 mars, 1er et 2 avril 1993, ed. by Rudolf De Smet, Travaux de l’Institut Interuniversitaire pour l’étude de la Renaissance et de l’Humanisme 11 (Brussels, 1994), 49-75
  • ‘Adrianus Hecquetius Atrebatensis (1510/15-1580): a Carmelite and the World Upside-Down’ in Acta Conventus Neo-Latini Hafnienis: Proceedings of the Eighth International Congress of Neo-Latin Studies Copenhagen 12 August to 17 August 1991, ed. by Rh. Schnur, A. Moss, Ph. Dust et al. (Binghamton, N.Y.: Medieval & Renaissance Texts and Studies, 1994), 365-74 [on Adrien Du Hecquet, Carmelite monk from Arras, Counter Reformation pamphleteer and late rhétoriqueur];


  • ‘Amatus Fornacius, Amator ineptus(Palladii, 1633): a Seventeenth-Century Satire’, Humanistica Lovaniensia 38 (1989), 238-306 Online version (JStor)

II. forthcoming publications / work in progress

  • ‘Isaac Casaubon the Tactician: Editorial Strategies and Military Tactics, from Polyaenus (1589) to Aeneas Tacticus (1609)’ (submitted for publication).
  • 'Entre savoir et savoir-faire: "La Chasse Royale" de Charles IX' (in progress)
  • I. D. McFarlane (✝), Neo-Latin Poetry in Renaissance France, ed. I. De Smet, Ph. Ford (✝), and B. Hosington, with the assistance of A. Lee, A. Russell, and A. Kalinina ('The McFarlane ProjectLink opens in a new window') (edited book project: in progress).
  • Secrets Unlocked: Locks, Keys and Seals or the Instruments of Secrecy in Early Modern France. From Object to Metaphor (single-authored book project: in progress).


La Fauconnerie à la Renaissance 


Eros & Priapus cover

Cahiers V.-L. Saulnier 24

 Thuanus. The Making of Jacques-Auguste de Thou