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Translation and Transcultural Studies

Welcome to TTS!

We're a dynamic, friendly group with an innovative approach to teaching and learning and a keen interest in our students' future employability

In Translation and Transcultural Studies, we offer an undergraduate pathway, an MA in Translation and Cultures and a PhD programme. We focus on Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish and the cross-cultural production and translational activity generated by these languages in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, Africa, the Indian Ocean, and Polynesia. Our interests are transnational and whilst we constantly seek to train our students to become global citizens, we also strive to develop their future professional aspirations.

STOP PRESS: We are delighted to announce that a new BA in Modern Languages with TTS will be launched in 2023-24. This undergraduate pathway includes the following modules: LN102 ‘Translation: Methods and Practice’; LN230 ‘Translation in the Digital Age: Tools and Technologies’; LN312 ‘Translators and Translation in the Contemporary World’; and LN313 ‘Undergraduate Translation Project’.

Our Staff

Dr Will Amos: sociolinguistics; multilingualism and linguistic landscapes  

Prof. Susan Bassnett: comparative literature; world literature and translation and globalisation  

Dr Olga Castro: feminist translation; translation and publishing in minority languages and self-translation  

Prof. Ingrid De Smet: history of translation; editing and translating historical texts; multilingualism and early modern intellectual culture 

Prof. Pierre-Philippe Fraiture: postcolonial translation 

Dr Anna Lanfranchi: translation, Italian and book studies and transnational publishing

Dr Qian Liu: Sino-European literary and transcultural exchanges 

Dr Sijing Lu: audiovisual translation; online collaborative subtitling; fansubbing; eye tracking

Dr Mila Milani: sociology of translation, translation and intellectual and publishing history

Dr David Orrego-Carmona: audiovisual translation; eye tracking, technology and machine translation  

Dr Gabriela Saldanha: gender in translation; the discourse of health; translation as an artistic process 

Dr Caroline Summers: narrative theory; authorship and translation; ethics and translation; Walter Benjamin  


Our research

Our researchLink opens in a new window covers a wide range of topics including literary translation, memory, audiovisual translation, eye tracking, fansubbing, machine translation, and technologies, sociolinguistics, and sociology of translation/cultural production, gender and feminism, postcolonialism, authorship and translation, ethics, and the history of translation and publishing. The close link between translation and transcultural studies and the language sections (Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Hispanic Studies) strengthens the cultural approach to translation, seen as cultural exchange and transfer, and is one of our distinctive research aspects.

The Modules on the MA in Translation and Cultures are research-led and informed by the latest development in the translation industry. Over the years, we have fostered strategic partnerships with key stakeholders and professional bodies in the field such as the Association of Programmes in Translation and Interpreting Studies in the UK and Ireland (APTIS), and the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI).


TTS Research Seminars: here