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A Garifuna conference on the history and heritage of St Vincent

A Garifuna conference on the history and heritage of St Vincent:

UK collaboration and co-production

In conjunction with

St.Vincent and the Grenadines 2nd Generation (SV2G), the UK Garifuna Foundation

& the Second Garinagu Delegation to the UK, 2022


Bringing together researchers and communities to continue exploring the history of St Vincent and the Garifuna, with the Central American Black Organization, SV2G, the UK Garifuna Foundation and UK diasporic communities

delegation of Garifuna at Portchester Castle


Arrival - coffee


11:00 AM


Prof. Kate Astbury, University of Warwick

11:15 AM

Garifuna tribute to our ancestors

Félix Gamboa

11.20 AM

Introduction to CABO

Mirtha Colon, CABO

11:50 AM

Prisoners of War from the Caribbean in the UK during the 1790s

Abigail Coppins, University of Warwick

12.20 PM

New Findings on the Garifuna people’s history

Andoni Castillo, UK Garifuna Foundation

12.50 PM



1.30 PM

Drumming workshop

Félix Gamboa and SV2G

2.00 PM

Keynote session: Chatoyer, Leith and Saint Vincent in the 1770s

Dr. Desha Osborne, Hunter College City University of New York

2:45 PM

Co-production of research

Jacqueline Roberts, SV2G

3.15 PM

Tea/Coffee Break

Wycombe Steel Orchestra Performance

3.45 PM

Experiences of the Garifuna people in Central America

Ingrid Gamboa- Guatemala, Yimene Calderon –Honduras, Sandra Miranda - Belize

4:15 PM

Drumming performance

Chief Joseph Chatoyer Performance Group

4.45 PM

Plenary discussion on next steps

All attendees

5:00 PM

Closing Remarks

Prof. Kate Astbury, University of Warwick