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Dr David Lines - Teaching

Supervision and examining of research students


I have served as both internal examiner and as external assessor for PhD dissertations at Warwick as well as in Spain and the US.

PhD students currently supervised

Rebecca Carnevali, Renaissance Studies: ‘Cheap Print in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Bologna’.

Gloria Moorman, Renaissance Studies: ‘Broadening Horizons through Books: Town Atlases in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries’ (co-supervised with Ingrid De Smet, French Studies).

Past PhD students supervised
Gabriella Addivinola, Italian: ‘The Apophatic Tradition in Alan of Lille and Dante: Logic, Theology and Poetry from the Twelfth to the Fourteenth Centuries’ (co-supervised with Simon Gilson, Italian; completed in February 2014).

Rocco Di Dio, Renaissance Studies: 'Marsilio Ficino's Notebooks' (project in the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance; co-supervised with Maude Vanhaelen, Italian/Classics). Completed in 2015.

Giacomo Comiati, Italian: ‘Horace in the Italian Renaissance’ (co-supervised with Simon Gilson, Italian). Completed in 2016. Presently Research Fellow at the University of Oxford in an AHRC project on Petrarch commentaries in the Renaissance.

Martina Piperno, Italian, on Leopardi's classicism and contacts with the thought of Giambattista Vico (co-supervised with Fabio Camilletti, Italian). Completed in 2016. Presently Fellow with the Irish Research Council.

Sara Miglietti, Renaissance Studies, ‘Mastering the Climate: Theories of Climatic Influence in the Early Colonial Age’ (project in the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance; co-supervised with Ingrid De Smet, French Studies). Completed in 2016. Presently Senior Lecturer at the Warburg Institute.

Greg Wells, Italian/History: ‘John Hall’s Little Book of Cures (ca. 1630–1635): A Critical Edition’ (project co-supervised with Claudia Stein, History). Completed in 2016.

Leila Zammar, Renaissance Studies: ‘Scenography at the Barberini Court in Rome: 1628–1656’ (co-supervised with Margaret Shewring, Theatre Studies). Completed in 2017.

Undergraduate modules taught

  • IT321 Renaissance Rivalries: Power, Magic, and Language
  • IT322 Renaissance Rivalries: Courts and Learning
  • IT324 Topics in Renaissance Thought and Culture
  • IT333 Medieval and Renaissance Short Fiction in Italy and England
  • IT301 Modern Italian Language (Translation)
  • IT212 Italian for Historians, year 2 (Translation)

Postgraduate modules taught