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JPT at Warwick

From the 18th to the 27th of January 2016, Dr Andrea Brunello will be at Warwick as an IAS Visiting Fellow. In the context of his visit, he will engage with scholars and students at Warwick in a series of events and workshops that aim to facilitate the interdisciplinary dialogue between science and the humanities in an innovative, creative way, and to increase impact-capacity building across the University.

Dr Andrea Brunello (PhD in Physics, Stony Brook, 1997), was a Physics research fellow at Utah State University and at the University of Trento (Italy), and published articles in some of the most prestigious physics journals. In 2001 Brunello decided to pursue a full time professional theatre career. In recent years, in collaboration with the Physics Department of the University of Trento, Brunello promoted JPT - Jet Propulsion Theatre, a project which aims to narrate science through theatre, and to enhance the general public’s understanding of both science and the people of science in a whole new way. All JPT productions are bilingual (English/Italian), and involve topics such as the principle of uncertainty, the notion of time, and climate change. JPT already works with theatres, festivals, universities, museums, and other cultural and scientific organisations in Italy, France, and the UK.

Public Events

18.01.2016 / 6.15 pm
Zeeman Building, MS.03

The Principle of Uncertainty

Inspired by Richard Feynman and dedicated to our children

Live Performance (1 hr).

A professor walks through some of the most mysterious concepts of quantum mechanics (the double slit experiment, Schroedinger's cat, the many-worlds of Hugh Everett III) to present a wonderful world made of mysteries and paradoxes. But in the midst of all that awe-inspiring joy lies a disquieting truth. The lecture turns into a confession that mixes some of the most advanced ideas of quantum mechanics with the professor's secrets, pushing him into an extreme, final decision.

Wed. 20.01.2016 / 6.00 pm
Zeeman Building, MS.05

Torno indietro e uccido il nonno

Un viaggio a tutta velocità dentro il Tempo!

Video screening of a theatrical performance (1.30 hr; in Italian).

A black stage. A hospital bed. A strange looking metal chair. The old man is an Augusto Clown and his younger grandpa is the White Clown. The two have a surreal conversation both physical and verbal about time. The result is a touching and enlightening show: Science meets Waiting for Godot meets Saint Augustine meets Einstein to the rhythm of Radiohead!

Thu. 21.01.2016 / 5.30 pm
Engineering, F 1.11

From Science to Theatre and Back

A public talk by Andrea Brunello, followed by a conversation with Prof. Pam A. Thomas,
the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for People and Public Engagement.

How to excite people with science? How to generate curiosity and thirst for knowledge around the ideas of science? And why do we need to do it? In this talk, Andrea Brunello will address the issue of scientific divulgation and popularization through tools such as artistic performance, storytelling and theatre. He will also introduce Jet Propulsion Theatre, a joint project between the Italian theatre company Arditodesìo and the Physical Science Communication Laboratory of the Physics Department of the University of Trento (Italy).

Fri. 22.01.2016 / 6.00 pm
Zeeman Building, MS.05

Pale Blue Dot

A revolution will save us. Or will it?

Video screening of a theatrical performance (1.30 hr).

An amazing story of hope, wonder, beauty and despair. The fate of the Voyager 1 probe entwines with that of its suicidal creator, that of his dreamer son and that of the Planet Earth. As the spacecraft gets further away from the solar system, everything falls into perspective, it becomes painfully clear that our little Pale Blue Dot, the Earth, is the most precious of spaceships and it needs to be protected with no hesitation and no compromise.


Storytelling Techniques and Theatre Training Methods for Teachers and Popularisers

Very often there arises the need for speaking in public: to present a research project, to ask for a grant, when giving a lesson… but just as often we may feel uneasy about the challenge. Do I feel comfortable being there in front of an audience? What am I doing? Am I aware of what my body is communicating? What about my voice? Should I emphasise certain words? Which ones? Should I look at the audience in the eyes? How do I know when I have the audience's attention? And more generally: how do I become a better speaker?

By using classical theatre training and storytelling techniques the workshop aims to open up to the public and becoming better public speakers and communicators. In the process practical exercises will be developed to: finding one’s centre; increase one’s own awareness (what I do, what others do); gaining a healthy sense of confidence in the relationship with the others; developing listening skills; improvisation; tempo/rhythm; leadership and courage. Moreover, during the workshop some time will be devoted to proper breathing techniques and voice management. Participants will be helped to develop an original, engaging presentation of their own research.

The workshop will be developed over 3 meetings of 3 hrs each, which will be held on the 19th (5-8pm), 23rd (10am-1pm) and 26th (4-7pm) of January, 2016. Registration is free, but places are limited. To register, please write to A dot Pegoretti at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Fri. 22.01.2016 / 3-5 pm
Humanities Building, H3.55

A Journey into Time

Starting from the English script of the JPT production Taking Out Grandpa: A Fast Forward Journey into Time!, scholars from various disciplines - all based at Warwick - will discuss the notion of time from the point of view of their own research. Participants include Prof. Christoph Hoerl (Philosophy), Prof. Eileen John (Philosophy), Dr Mark J. Hadley (Physics), Dr Alessandra Aloisi (SMLC Italian), Dr Elizabeth Barry (English and Comparative Literary Studies), Dr Anna Pegoretti (SMLC Italian).

This round-table aims also to explore possible connections for future interdisciplinary collaborations between Warwick-based scholars. The workshop is open to anybody willing to attend.

Friday 22nd January, 3-5pm, H3.55 (Humanities Building).

IAS ACE Programme

On Thursday 21st, in the afternoon, Dr Brunello will give a 10 minute talk to IAS early career fellows about the benefits and risks of building an interdisciplinary career.

Writing Bilingual Theatre

What does it mean to write for theatre in two languages at the same time? Where do you start from? What are the implications for the creative process? And what about the audience? This 2-hrs workshop led by Dr Eliana Maestri and Dr Andrea Brunello, will address the bilingualism (English/Italian) of JPT theatrical productions. It mainly targets UG (3rd and 4th year) and PG students in Italian. For info, please get in touch with E dot Maestri at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Monday 25th January, 5.15-6.45, R0.14.

Dante the Cosmonaut

pdf poster; pdf flyleaf

JPT at Warwick