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Dott.ssa Giulia Brecciaroli

PhD Student

Email: G dot Brecciaroli at warwick dot ac dot uk


Humanities Building, University Road

University of Warwick

Coventry CV4 7AL


Dott.ssa Giulia Brecciaroli started her PhD (fully funded by a Chancellor's Scholarship) in the Department of Italian in October 2014 under the supervision of Dr Jennifer Burns and Dr Fabio Camilletti. Her research looks at representations of urban experience in Italian literature of the 1950s-1970s, in relation to the radical changes that were brought about by the so-called economic 'boom' in Italian culture and society. The urban transition of the time is examined primarily through the work of Ennio Flaiano, Luciano Bianciardi, and crime novelists Fruttero & Lucentini, whose names are tied to Rome, Milan, and Turin, respectively.

Research interests

Dott.ssa Giulia Brecciaroli's broader research interests include:

  • Post-war narrative fiction
  • Urban representations and perceptions in literature
  • Italian crime fiction tradition
  • Literary journalism in post-war Italy
  • Political and ethical commitment in literature
  • Short prose and aphoristic literature


2014-2015 Reading Group for IT113 Forms & Fashions in Italian Intellectual Culture 

2015-2016 IT103 Italian for Literature Students

2016-2017 IT103 Italian for Literature Students

Conference papers

'Uncanny Spaces: A Psychogeographical Exploration of the City in Italian Crime Fiction (1959-1979)', Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on Urban Space (University of Florence, 27-28 June 2016)

'Quest'altra collera grigia della città. Urban Modernity and War Rhetoric in Luciano Bianciardi's La vita agra', La città italiana. Spazio urbano e rappresentazione (University of Bergen, 12-14 September 2016) and IX Annual Graduate Conference in Italian Studies (UCC, 27 February 2016)

'Mapping Italy’s Economic Boom: Rome, Milan and Turin in 1950s-1970s Italian Literature', Millburn House Symposium (University of Warwick, 27 May 2015) and IMLR Graduate Forum (12 November 2015)

'Milan and Turin in 1960s and 1970s Italian Crime Fiction: A Comparative Analysis on Giorgio Scerbanenco and Fruttero & Lucentini', Italian Studies Doctoral Colloquia (University of Warwick, 1 December 2014)


G. Brecciaroli, 'L’aforisma di Giuseppe Pontiggia come critica del linguaggio e medicina dell’uomo’, Secondo Tempo (Napoli: Marcus Edizioni, 2013), pp. 123-28

G. Brecciaroli, ‘La ricerca della parola precisa’, in Con Giuseppe Pontiggia: le voci della notte Bianca. Milano, 21 giugno 2013, ed. by Daniela Marcheschi (Rimini: Guido Conti Editore, 2013), pp. 29-30


BA in Anthropological Sciences (University of Bologna)

MA in Italian Studies, European Literary Cultures, Linguistics (University of Bologna)

MA for Research in Italian Studies (University of Warwick)