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Rebecca Pillière

La Rochelle

I am a Phd student in my final year, currently studying material which was printed during the wars of religion in early modern France. I am particularly fascinated by the role of pamphlets and identities as well as the evolution of the French monarchical image. My research particularly focuses on the relationship between such material and the representation of La Rochelle and its inhabitants.

This year, I am also teaching French language to students in their second years.

About Me

After completing a baccalauréat in France, I embarked on a three-year course in the Department of French Studies at the University of Warwick. In 2010, I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and French. I then decided to continue my studies by completing a MA in the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance. My research project analysed in detail how the depiction of Henri III in pamphlets was used as a political means of propaganda. This dissertation enabled me to develop the necessary research skills to undertake archival research; at the same time, my studies at Warwick’s Renaissance Centre introduced me to an interdisciplinary approach, which I believe will be a significant asset for my doctoral project.

Conferences and Seminar Papers


  • 10th September 2015 - '"The City of the Waters": Representing the Sea and the Protestants of La Rochelle (1565- 1575)' (Beliefs Under Pressure: Religion, Community and Identity in the Early Modern World - University of East Anglia)
  • 29th May 2014 - 'The Development of the Huguenot Identity in La Rochelle (1560-1566)' (Postgraduate Conference - University of Warwick)
  • 20th February 2014 - 'Breaking Tradition: Charles IX's Royal Entry in La Rochelle (1565)' (Arts Faculty Seminar Series)


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Rebecca Pillière

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