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Identities in Motion 4

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6 March 2019
University of Warwick
Ramphal Building R0.04

The focus of this fourth edition is on the multifaceted ways through which academia can contribute to translate and spread its critical understandings of contemporary societies via a vast array of digital tools (websites, social media, online platforms) in order to reach a broader audience. Accordingly, we will discuss translation strategies in relation to contemporary culture: in particular, we will ask to what extent translation practices may impact the production and dissemination of alternative and de-centred perspectives to read contemporary Italian and European society and culture. Moreover, specific attention will be paid to some research projects which make available their outcomes via digital archives, interactive maps, and web blogs.

16.00 - Registration and Welcome

16.15 - Translating contemporary translingual writers
Romeo Fratti (Linguafranca Transnational Literary Agency) in conversation with Mila Milani (Warwick)

17.15 - The Dialectics of Modernity: Designing Cultural Landscapes with Digital Humanities
Francesca Billiani (Manchester) in conversation with Gianmarco Mancosu (Warwick)

18.15 - Final roundtable: Italian Cultures and Digital Humanities
with Bryan Brazeau (Warwick), organizers and invited speakers

19.00 - Wine Reception

'Identities in motion' engages with recent trends in Modern Languages research, aiming to be a forum in which to discuss different methodologies and representational practices. In the context of discussing mobility, Italy offers an interesting case study due to the singularity of the colonial past, the complexity of the process of decolonization, the history of migration from and, in the more recent past, to Italy. All these historical and social phenomena are seen in a multi-disciplinary perspective that encourages a complex awareness of the different meanings of Italian and European identities and belonging.

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The event is free, but spaces are limited, to register please email:

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