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Tianren Qiang

Tianren QiangPhD Translation & Transcultural Studies

Email: Tianren dot Qiang at warwick dot ac dot uk


I am a first-year joint PhD student in Translation and Transcultural Studies at the University of Warwick and Monash University, under the supervision of Drs. Qian Liu (Wariwck), Mila Milani (Warwick), and Lintao Qi (Monash).


My research combines Bourdieu’s sociology with actor-network theory (ANT) to examine how human and nonhuman actors, with different volumes and forms of capital, interacted under various field conditions in building up networks that produced and disseminated English translations of Jin Yong’s martial arts fiction—which, despite its immense popularity and canonisation in Sinophone communities, remained rather obscure in the English-speaking world until the recent publication of The Legends of the Condor Heroes (trans. Holmwood et al., 2018-2021).

Research Interests

Translation Studies; Sociology of Translation; English translations of Chinese classics (modern and premodern); Chinese popular culture.


Tutor in Academic Reading and Writing at Beijing Ruitu School (2019-2021)



Scholarships and Awards

Monash Warwick Alliance Joint PhD Scholarship (2022-2026)

China Scholarship Council-Columbia University Full Scholarship (2017-2019)


MA in Film and Media Studies, Columbia University, 2019

BA in Translation and Interpretation Studies, China Foreign Affairs University, 2017