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2016. ‘The Territorial Principle: Language Rights and Linguistic Minorities in Spain and Italy’. In: Gill Valentine and Ulrike Vieten, eds. Cartographies of Difference: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Living with Difference. New Visions of the Cosmopolitan Series. Bern: Peter Lang, pp. 157-82.

2012. ‘Multilinguismo nello stato-nazione: lingua e identità sarda all’interno dello stato italiano (1992-2010)’. In: Silvia Contarini, Margherita Marras and Giuliana Pias, eds. L’identità sarda del XXI secolo: tra globale, locale e postcoloniale. Nuoro: Il Maestrale, pp. 155-70.

2011. ‘The Linguistic Capital of Contested Languages: The Centre-Left and Regional Languages in Asturias and the Veneto, 1998-2008’. Language Problems and Language Planning. 32(2), 117-38.

Conference papers and invited talks (recent)

(With Dr Jenny Burns) 'Transnationalizing Modern Languages: Bridging Experiences in Research, Practice and Teaching', Frameworks for Collaboration and Multilingualism Conference (8th Biennial joint LLAS, UCML, and AULC 'Languages in Higher Education' conference), University of Warwick, 6 July 2016.

'Language as a Site of Empowerment and Solidarity: Migrant Cultural Associations in Bologna and the Teaching of the "Mother Language"', Sociolinguistics Symposium 21, Universidad de Murcia, 15 June 2016.

(With Prof Derek Duncan and Prof Loredana Polezzi) 'Transnationalizing Modern Languages: Transnationalizing Creative Practices', Translation, Translanguaging and Creativity: A Translating Cultures Workshop, Institute of Modern Languages Research, 13 June 2016.

'Transnational Cultural and Linguistic Practices in Migrant Cultural Associations in Bologna', Turning Points: Cultures of Transition, Transformation and Transmission In Italy (Society for Italian Studies Interim Conference), Trinity College Dublin, 30 April 2016.

‘Transnationalizing Modern Languages: Negotiating Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Contemporary Italy’, invited research seminar, School of Modern Languages, University of Leicester, 4 November 2015.

(With Prof Loredana Polezzi) ‘Working Globally through Multilingualism and Translation’, Multilingualism in Practice in the University ESRC Seminar, University of Birmingham, 13 November 2015.