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LN115 Independent Project

Module Code: LN115
Module Name: Independent Project
Module Coordinator: TBC
2 Term Module
Module Credits: 30

Module description

This module enables students to spend some time developing their independent working and in particular to build research skills for the later stages of their undergraduate degree. The module comprises a series of skills sessions on undertaking undergraduate research, tutorials with the module leader, along with a set of supervisory meetings with the project supervisor. In addition to producing work in a range of formats in the course of the year, linked to an aspect of the culture of their chosen language and the study of modern languages at university level, students will be supported to produce an end product related to their specific area of interest and linked to the curriculum for their other first-year cultural module. The end product will be an appropriate piece of work such as a mini dissertation.

Module aims

The module will provide a foundation for studying modern languages and cultures at university level for students of single honours degrees and students of language with Film degrees. The module will provide students with support to develop their study skills, linked to the SMLC study skills training programme, while also developing their capacity to undertake independent research into a topic suitable to their first year of study. The module will also develop students' subject-specific skills in that it will link to a topic covered in their culture module. The module is core for single honours French, German and Italian students and for French with Film, German with Film and Italian with Film students.

Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate capacity to identify suitable primary and secondary material to complete independent research
  • Evidence the capacity to build on continuous feedback to improve work
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the challenges of studying modern languages across the university sector
  • Demonstrate suitable ICT skills when developing project materials
  • Demonstrate the capacity to engage with complex themes related to the cultural module linked to their chosen language

In addition to regular skills sessions led by the module leader, students will work on a regular basis with project supervisors on an area of interest related to the main cultural module in their chosen language. A full syllabus will be published on the module Moodle page.

Assessment for the module:

Literature review: 1,500 words 30%

Public engagement piece: 25%

Independent research project: 2,500 words 45%