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IB409 Business and Society in Contemporary Germany

Module Code: IB409
Module Name: Business and Society in Contemporary Germany
Module Coordinator: Andrea Klaus
Term 2 Time TBC
Module Credits: 15

Module Description

You will explore recent developments and debates concerning business, economy, labour markets, and society in Germany, including the ways in which the post-war West German social market economy has been challenged, comparing German corporate governance and industrial relations with other European countries. Later on, the focus will shift to the context of family policies, immigration, environment and globalisation.

In addition to the academic readings, you are expected to familiarise yourself with German official sources and the political/economic press, e.g. der Spiegel, die Wirtschaftswoche etc. Both the language used in seminars and lectures as well as your essay will be in English, however, you should have a C1/C2 level in German in order to read secondary literature/ German official sources etc.

Assessment Method:

One coursework essay of 4000-4500 words (excluding footnotes and bibliography).