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Modern Spanish Language I

Module Code: HP101
Module Name: Modern Spanish Language I
Module Credits: 30

Do you already have A-level or an equivalent standard in Spanish and want to consolidate, extend and refine your existing skills to an advanced level?

Our Modern Spanish Language module is designed to equip students with a sound grammatical foundation, mastery of a range of advanced linguistic structures, vocabulary and register, and most of all, confidence in reading, listening, speaking and writing in Spanish. You will make use of authentic resources from around the

Concurso de carteles

Hispanic world, including books, articles, newspapers, television and radio, as well as taking part in our virtual language exchange with students in Colombia.

You will develop your skills through a combination of classroom sessions, guided learning activities and appropriate self-study resources. Weekly classes will cover reading, language in use, grammar and functional aspects of Spanish such as translation, extended writing and oral expression, which are reinforced through complementary activities on our multimedia VLE.

By the end of the year, you will be able to express your ideas and opinions with ease and fluency, using a varied range of grammatical structures and vocabulary. You will produce a language e-portfolio to reflect about and demonstrate your language journey throughout the year.

Course books:

Luis Aragonés y Ramón Palencia, Gramática de uso del español B1-B2. Teoría y práctica (con solucionario) (Madrid: Ediciones SM, 2014)

Dossier of texts, articles and different authentic materials provided in class.

Isaac Rosa, Aquí vivió. Historia de un desahucio (Barcelona: Nube de tinta, 2016)


  • Listening and language in use exams (20%)
  • Oral exam (20%)
  • E-portfolio (15%)
  • Final exam - grammar in context, reading and writing (45%)



Dr Leticia Villamediana González

You will have four class hours per week: Language in Use and Grammar (2hrs); Essay and Translation (1 hr); Oral (1hr). Groups will be allocated in Week 1.


Moodle HP101 page (for seminar work and supporting materials)

Outline Grammar Syllabus

Libro de lectura