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HP223 Climate Fictions in Latin America

Module Code: HP223
Module Name: Climate Fictions in the Hispanic World
Module Coordinator: Dr Jorge Sarasola Herrera
Term 2
Module Credits: 15

Module Description

This module will explore “cli-fi” literature in Spanish, as a genre able to raise awareness of climate change and its consequences on mankind and the anthropocene. Students will investigate how literary techniques and strategies can trigger empathetic and ethical responses, and challenge attitudes of denial and despair towards the impact of global warming and our implication with its causes and consequences. Novels written in Spanish across the world (Mexico, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Spain) will be the primary material for students to explore the ability of speculative fiction to imagine the future and rethink the existential paradigms that lay behind the thermo industrial civilisation we currently inhabit.


80% essay (3,000 words)

20% presentation (10 min video - formats to be discussed in class)

Teaching Mode: face to face 2 hours lecture/ seminar

Primary Reading

Estío, Once Relatos de ficción climática, Episkaia, Madrid, 2018

El Futuro es Bosque: Antologia de Ficcion Climatica, ed. Giny Valris, apachelibros, Pluma Futura, 2018

Erick Mota, Habana Underguater, los cuentos, 2010

José Rabelo, 2063 y otras distopías, Isla Negra, San Juan de Puerto Rico, 2018