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IT101 Modern Italian Language for Beginners 2017/2018

Module Code: IT101
Module Name: Italian for Beginners
Module Credits: 30

Academic Year 2017-2018

The induction meeting for IT101 will take place on Wednesday 4 October 9-10 in H1.48.


  group A group B

Monday 9-11 H0.61

Wednesday 9-10 H0.61

Monday 17-18 H0.60

Thursday 10-12 H0.61



Reading Weeks: week 6 of terms 1 & 2

Assessment Code: C (combined class tests + examination)

Module description

Would you like the challenge of learning a new language at university? This module for absolute beginners will introduce you to the foundations of Italian language while exploring fascinating aspects of Italian life, culture and society. You will be provided with varied opportunities to practice your Italian in an enthusiastic and supportive learning environment. Basic notions of Italian grammar will be integrated step-by-step through various in-class communicative activities. Gradually you will consolidate the necessary language skills not only to talk about yourself, family and hobbies but also to discuss slightly more complex topics such as music, Italian cuisine, traditions, environmental issues, Italian cinema and fashion. You will be asked to engage with various stimuli including articles from newspapers, passages from literature, images and video clips. A range of parallel activities aimed at reinforcing cultural contents and linguistic skills will be practiced in class. Among these are oral discussions, group presentations, role plays, quiz and group games. You will benefit from the input of Italian native-speaker tutors and will be encouraged to work individually and with your peers. You will explore aspects of Italian language and culture through multimedia exercises specifically designed to support your in-class activities. By the end of the year, you will be able to hold a conversation in Italian, ask and receive pieces of information, express opinions, and talk about past and future events. Finally, you will be provided with the necessary linguistic skills to spend a temporary period of time in Italy and to discuss about some aspects of its culture and society, beyond the overly popular stereotypes surrounding it.


  • 4 classroom tests (2 in term 1 and 2 in term 2) + an oral examination in term 3, each counting for 10% of the final mark.
  • 1 three-hour paper (essay, summary, comprehension) counting for 50% of the total mark.

(Resit: in September)

Failure to attend a test (and/or to submit required assessed work) will result in a mark of 0 being recorded for that part of the assessment for the module. If the absence or failure to submit is owed to medical reasons, you should (i) notify the relevant module tutor and (ii) obtain a medical certificate and ask the departmental secretary, Harpal Singh, to put this in your personal file. Please note that there is no automatic compensation of marks where a test has been missed or assessed work not submitted, and the mark for that component of the module will remain 0. Similarly, there is normally no possibility to take a missed test or submit assessed work at a later date. However, any medical or similar evidence submitted may be taken into consideration by the Board of Examiners for your degree when making a decision at the end of year regarding your progression.


Books for the course (please make sure you obtain that particular edition, where specified)


T. Marin, S. Magnelli, Nuovo Progetto italiano 1a, (new edition of the Workbook) (Libro dello studente & Quaderno degli esercizi) + DVD + CD audio, Edilingua, 2010 (ISBN 978-960-693-125-3)


T. Marin, S. Magnelli, Nuovo Progetto italiano 1b, (new edition of the Workbook) (Libro dello studente & Quaderno degli esercizi) + DVD + CD audio, Edilingua, 2010 (ISBN 978-960-693-126-0)

See the English glossary for this textbook, provided by Edilingua.

Grammar book: Nocchi, Susanna, New Italian Grammar in Practice: Exercises, Tests, Games, Alma Edizioni 2015 (ISBN 9788861824287)

These books are all available from the university bookshop.

We also recommend that you buy a good dictionary, such as the Collins English/Italian Italian/English.


Dr Caterina Sinibaldi

Room H4.14 C dot Sinibaldi at warwick dot ac dot uk

Dr Valentina Abbatelli

Room H4.14
V dot Abbatelli dot 1 at Warwick dot ac dot uk