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Modern Italian Language I (Advanced)

Module Code: IT107
Module Name: Modern Italian Language I (Advanced)
Module Credits: 30

Module description

Would you like to use your Italian language skills in a creative way? This module is designed to expand and refine your existing language skills and develop linguistic and intercultural competences in Italian by means of advanced activities including creative writing, translation, group debates, oral presentations and dramatization. You will explore language structures and grammar using a variety of resources including video clips and written texts. You will be asked to engage with authentic and sophisticated texts (such as newspaper articles, literary texts, film reviews and plays), compare cultural systems and express your opinion critically and creatively. Topics for discussion may include the use of technology, social media, social justice, education, migration, regionalisms, Italian language and youth identity. The 'translation' component of this module will help you experiment with different genres, registers and styles which will be useful to understand and reproduce culturally specific texts. The 'writing strategies' component will encourage you to be imaginative and gain insight of the Italian language through experimental activities of creative writing. This will also allow you to discuss contemporary Italian literature which will tie on to the translation component, and receive comprehensive interdisciplinary teaching. By means of 'educational drama', which is an activity included in the module, you will also have the unique opportunity to explore and improve your Italian and communicative skills through theatre. Finally, you will have the opportunity to take the initiative, suggest in-class activities, explore Italian cultural subjects of your choice (negotiated with your language tutor) and lead group discussions.


Written tests in week 10 of terms 1 and 2: 5% and 10%

Oral presentation:15%

Final written examination: 70%