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IT109 Italian for Historians I

Module Code: IT109
Module Name: IT109 Italian for Historians I
Module Credits: 30

This module is designed for students who undertake an honours degree course in History (Renaissance Stream, including a term in Venice). In Term 1, students are introduced to fundamental grammar topics and elements of the Italian language. Simple dialogues, mini-presentations, and role play activities are organised so as to help students develop their interactive skills in Italian. In Term 2, students start reading historical texts and practise strategies to infer meaning, appreciate textual messages and handle slightly more complex texts with the help of their tutor. They also consolidate and develop further what they have learned in Term 1, in order to improve their writing, oral and listening skills. Special emphasis is given to understanding historical texts and to the ability to participate in role plays structured around everyday situations and scenarios.

Examination and assessments

Term 1 week 10

Assessment 1 (grammar + writing) 10%

Term 2 week 5

Assessment 2 (grammar + reading comp) 10%

Term 2 week 9

Assessment 3 (translation) 10%

Term 3 week 4 or 5

Oral 20%

Term 3 after week 5

Written exam (25% reading comp + 25% translation = 50%)

IT109-30 2 hour exam

NB The use of dictionaries is NOT allowed for the first and second assessments.

If English is not your mother tongue, a mother-tongue/English dictionary which has been approved and stamped by the University/Department may be taken into the examination room.

Resit: 100% written paper in September.

 Dictionaries WILL be allowed for the final translation/comprehension exam

Attendance and non-assessed work

You should attend all classes regularly and hand in all written assignments on time for correction and evaluation. Failure to do so will be reported to your personal tutor.

In case of illness or inability to attend an assessment: students may only be excused from doing an assessment or taking an examination by presenting their course tutor with a valid medical certificate covering the relevant period. This will be kept on file.

The Italian Department reserves the right to amend this course as and when necessary

Laura Mantovani


Group A:
Monday 4-6pm
Wednesday 11-12am
Group B:
Wednesday 10-11am
Friday 1-3pm