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Representations of Modern Italy

Module Code: IT110
Module Name: Representations of Modern Italy
Module Coordinator: Dr Joanne Lee
Not Running 2019-20
Module Credits: 30

Module Description

During the course of the twentieth century Italy changed beyond recognition from a rural, agricultural society to one of the world’s largest economies. It became synonymous with fashion, style and glamour. This module will introduce you to the social, cultural and political development of Italy in the twentieth-century from World War I, touching on topics such as the rise of the fascist dictatorship, the catastrophe of the Second World War, the economic boom of the 1950s and 60s, the influence of consumer culture, and the immigration debates of more recent decades. You will consider how cultural movements such as Futurism, Neorealism and Postmodernism constituted a response to these dramatic events. Through a critical study of a wide variety of texts including poetry, novels, films, short stories and plays, you will examine how these texts engage with understandings of history and what notion of Italy and Italian identity they present.


50% Assessed Work ( 2 x 1500 word essays)

50% Examination (1 x 2 hour summer exam)

Module Convenor:

Dr Joanne Lee

Jo dot Lee at warwick dot ac dot uk

Reading group tutor:

Georgia Wall

g dot wall at warwick dot ac dot uk


Course Outline


Reading list

Seminar Questions

Study Skills