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IT113 Introduction to Italian Culture (not running in 2018-19)

Module Code: IT113
Module Name: Introduction to Italian Culture
Module Coordinator: Dr Joanne Lee
Not Running 2018-19
Module Credits: 30

Module Description

How should we 'read' a literary or visual text? What are the considerations of form, audience, and context that enable us to make sense of a cultural product? In what ways should a performance be understood differently from something fixed on the page? This module will address these questions by taking into consideration four representative avenues of expression in Italian culture, namely cinema, short stories, lyric poetry and theatre-writing.

You will refine your abilities to analyse specific genres and will also gain a taste of different periods of Italian culture, from the Renaissance to the present. Of particular value to those who want a rounded appreciation of the Italian tradition, this module is also an excellent way of preparing for the variety of subjects you might be taking during your Year Abroad.

The module is structured as follows:

1. Italian Cinema: Term 1 weeks 2-5 (JL). This section one will provide an introduction to the history and development of Italian cinema. Students will learn the technical vocabulary to enable them to provide close analysis of a film, looking at how meanings are created through the choice of sound, lighting and camerawork.

2. Short Story Narratives: Term 1 weeks 7-10 (JL). This section focuses on the narrative techniques of the short story and includes writings by Italo Calvino, Primo Levi and Dacia Maraini.

3. Romantic Lyric Poetry: Term 2 weeks 1 - 4 (FC). Section three centres on lyric poetry, using particularly the example of the works of Giacomo Leopardi, perhaps Italy’s most famous Romantic poet

4. Renaissance Theatre: Term 2 weeks 5-10 (DL). Section four provides an overview of Italian drama in the Renaissance focusing on Niccolò Machiavelli’s comedy La Mandragola.

Term 3: Class poster presentations.


Commentary/close scene analysis 1000-1200 words (10%) due Monday 14 November 2016
1500 word essay (25%) due Monday 9 January 2017
1500 word essay/commentary (25%) due Monday 20 February 2017
1500 word essay (25%) due Monday 24 April 2017
Poster presentation (15%) Term 3, in class


Dr Joanne Lee: Jo dot Lee at warwick dot ac dot uk

Dr Fabio Camilletti: F dot Camilletti at warwick dot ac dot uk

Dr David Lines: D dot A dot Lines at warwick dot ac dot uk

Ms Georgia Wall: G dot Wall at warwick dot ac dot uk