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Seminar Week 4


  • What words are repeated? What effect does this create?
  • How can we understand the expressions ‘sono un grumo di sogni’ and ‘sono un frutto d’innumerevoli contrasti d’innesti’ in terms of Ungaretti’s own life?
  • What associations derive from the words ‘popolo’, ‘terra’, ‘Italia’, ‘padre’, ‘soldato’?
  • What view of war is presented in this poem?



  • How do the poem’s style and form relate to its title?
  • How does the poem relate to Ungaretti’s life?
  • What is he searching for?
  • How is the life of the nomad represented here?

In dormiveglia

  • Create a ‘mind map’ centered on the words ‘lace’ and ‘war’.
  • The poem hinges on a series of juxtapositions. Identify and discuss these.
  • Discuss the extended metaphor around which the poem is structured.
  • The poem starts with the phrase ‘assisto la notte violentata’. In what other circumstances would you use the verb ‘assistere’ and what are the implications here?
  • Examine the use of consonance (repetition of consonant sound) in lines 3, 5 and 6.