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Modern Italian Language II

Module Code: IT201
Module Name: Modern Italian Language II
Module Coordinator: Dr Valentina Abbatelli
Timetable by group
Module Credits: 30

Academic Year 2023-24

FIRST MEETING: Tuesday 3 October, 4-5pm OC0.01

Module Description

The aim of this module is to further extend and refine your competence in Italian language. Emphasis will be placed on the four key skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing, and on the consolidation of both new and familiar grammatical and linguistic structures, as well as vocabulary, and register in spoken and written discourse. Classroom and self-study activities will involve translation exercises and analysis, oral project work, and advanced discursive writing. Students will also be directed to appropriate activities for self-study.

Students will also attend this module in preparation for their Year Abroad.


  • Nocchi, Susanna, New Italian Grammar in Practice: Exercises, Tests, Games, Alma Edizioni 2015 (ISBN9788861824287)

For self-directed study

  • Lia Proietti & Cinzia Ciulli, Da zero a cento. Alma Edizioni, 2005 (ISBN 9788889237038)
  • Paola Nanni-Tate, Italian Verb Tenses. McGraw Hill, 2005. 2nd edition (ISBN 9780071451383) - digital version available at the library)


Test in week 10 of the first term (15%);

Blog project to be handed in week 7 of the second term (15%);

Oral exam (20%)

Final written exam (2 hours + 15 minutes reading time; 50%)

Failure to attend a class test or submit required assessed work will result in a mark of 0 being recorded for that part of the assessment. It is normally not possible to submit assessed work or retake the test at a later date. However, if your absence is a result of medical or personal circumstances then you should (i) notify the relevant module tutor as soon as possible and (ii) submit a personal circumstances claim via Tabula along with supporting evidence. If you fail the module overall, you may be able to resit the assessments in September.