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Modern Italian Language III - 2018/2019

Module Code: IT301
Module Name: Modern Italian Language III
Module Coordinator: Dr Fabio Camilletti
Timetable by Group
Module Credits: 30

Module Description

This Italian language module aims to develop your translation, writing and oral communication skills and is divided into four weekly classes.

The translation classes alternate between translation from Italian into English and from English into Italian. We approach translation not just as a linguistic exercise but as a practical skill and the classes are run as workshops in which speakers of English work together with native speakers of Italian to produce weekly translations of literary, journalistic and academic texts. You will explore techniques for conveying nuances of meaning and strategies for translating culturally specific terms.

The writing classes will help you develop fluency in different styles and types of writing such as essay writing, reports, reviews and summaries. There is also a weekly grammar hour to consolidate and extend your knowledge and understanding of Italian grammar.

The oral groups will expand your vocabulary and help you become familiar with a more sophisticated register of spoken Italian. You will be encouraged to use Italian in both informal conversations and formal presentations. Both the writing and oral components of the course will raise your awareness of recent developments in Italian society and enable you to discuss relevant aspects of contemporary Italy in relation to your personal experiences.


GP. Grammatica Pratica della Lingua Italiana by Marco Mezzadri. ISBN 9788820125066.

***Textbooks can be purchased through the Italian Bookshop with a 10% discount***


Students returning from a year abroad or part-year abroad in Italy:

20% presentation in term 1;

20% summer oral exam;

30% translation summer exam;

30% writing summer exam

All other students:

10% presentation in term 1;

10% summer oral exam;

40% translation exam;

40% writing exam

Visiting students (Erasmus):

- Term 1 & 2, 24 CATS:
• 2 x 1500 translation portfolio (one for each language combination: IT > EN; EN > IT) (50%)
• 2-hour end of term 2 test (50%)

- Full year, 30 CATS:
• 2 x 1500 word translation portfolio (one for each language combination: IT > EN; EN > IT) (50%)
• 2-hour Summer exam (same exam sat by home students taking the modules) (50%)

Failure to attend a class test or submit required assessed work will result in a mark of 0 being recorded for that part of the assessment. It is normally not possible to submit assessed work or retake the test at a later date. However, if your absence is a result of medical or personal circumstances then you may be permitted to take the test at the next opportunity provided that you (i) notify the relevant module tutor as soon as possible and (ii) provide a medical certificate or other supporting documentation. For a definition of mitigating circumstances and supporting documentation, please refer to this link:




Dr Joanne Lee - Translation into English

Dr Fabio Camilletti - Translation into Italian

Dr Valentina Abbatelli - Writing

Dr Maria Pavlova - Oral

Dr Paola Roccella - Grammar hour


Writing groups

Tues 11-12 Group A H4.03

Tues 12-13 Group B H3.57


Weds 11-12 Group A H202

Thurs 13-14 Group B C1.11/15 (Soc Sci)

Oral groups

Monday 12-13 Group A OC1.06

Thursday 10-11 Group B H0.83

Grammar Hour

Mon 15-16 R0.12