1. Comment on the relationship between Vannina and Giacinto, in particular their sexual relationship. 11, p. 23.(3 agosto; 6 agosto). How does it develop? (Georgina)
2. What is the significance of the relationship between Giacinto & Santino (Simona) and between Vannina and the schoolboy / Orio? (Eleonora.)
3. What is the significance of the problems with the neighbours and their rubbish? (Kerry)
4. What episodes of violence occur in the text and what role do they play in the narrative? (Marta)
5. What is the role of female friendships in the text? How does Vannina’s relationship with Rosa differ from her relationship with Suna? (Laura) What about Giottina and Tota? (Cicely)
6. How is Giacinto presented in the text? Look at the descriptions of him sleeping on pp. 11 & 18 (3 agosto, 5 agosto). Why does he want Vannina to remain dependent on him (p. 140) (30, 31 agosto) (Astrid)
7. Look at the episode at Santino’s house. What notion of masculinity is presented here? How does the mother react? pp. 34, 37, 7 agosto. (Manon)
8. How does Suna’s father view his daughter (pp. 163-4 – 4 settembre, ore 24)? (Dan)
9. What is Suna’s role in relation to Vannina? pp. 64 (15 agosto), 90 (20 agosto), pp. 137-8 (30 agosto) (Maria)
10. Comment on the episode at school with Maria Stella (p. 256, 12 ottobre) (Lauren)
11. Comment on Vannina’s dream on p. 265-6, 3 dicembre. How would you interpret this? (Elspeth)