Please read the Carla Lonzi article 'Sputiamo su Hegel' (Let's Spit on Hegel) for next week (week 4). It is available via Library extracts (link on the reading list). It is incorrectly labeled as 'Bono' as it is in an edited collection.  Let me know if you have any difficulties finding it. 

Have a think about the following topics which we will discuss in class:

• How does Lonzi’s article present a challenge to liberal feminist aims (i.e. what does she say about the goal of achieving equality)?
• How does she challenge Marxist thinking?
• What are her views on Freud? And Hegel?
• What does Lonzi say about the goal of achieving power?
• What does Lonzi believe is the origin of women’s oppression?
• What solutions/ courses of actions does she propose?