Hi everyone, 

Here are the seminar questions for this week on Fallaci for those of you who are not doing the presentation,

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1. Comment on the opening chapter, particularly the bodily reaction to the pregnancy (Elspeth)
2. Comment on chapter 3. What view of motherhood and language is presented? (Rosie)
3. Comment on the portrayal of medical profession in the text (see esp. Chapter 6). (Eleonora)
4. How does Fallaci comment on the construction of gender in Chapter 4? (Lauren)
5. What support does the protagonist get from female friends? (Laura)
6. What views on religion are expressed? (esp. Chapter 4 & 9) (Dan)
7. How are male figures, in particular the father of the child, portrayed? (Manon)
8. What is the significance of the dream in chapter 9? (Claudia)
9. What is the significance of the tale related in chapter 25? (Olivia)
10. Comment on the imaginary ‘trial’. (Chapter 27) (Anna)
11. Both sides of the abortion debate claimed that Fallaci’s text supported their view. What do you think? Is the text pro-choice or anti-abortion? Is it even about abortion or does it raise other issues? (Astrid, Simona – although you can all have a view on this)