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Hear from our students

Why Study Modern Languages?


Hi! My name’s Priya and I’m a third-year Modern Languages student (French, Spanish, and Italian). Deciding what to study at university was daunting, but choosing this course at Warwick has honestly been the best decision I ever made! What do I love most? That every day is different, and that everyday I’m getting closer to making a difference, by equipping myself with the skills to go on to teach this subject, one of the most valuable and versatile, to the next generation.

Read on to find out what I love best about my degree and what it’s like studying at Warwick (accommodation, societies, adulting, and more!)Hope you enjoy!

Three languages? Yes, you can!

I wouldn’t change my degree combination for anything, and so I thought it would be a good idea to share the top four reasons why studying three languages has been the best choice for me (and quite possibly for you too!) [Find out more...]

Best Things about the BA in Modern Languages

(No, it’s not free yoga lessons. Although there’s an idea…)

Choosing just one subject to study at university seemed downright impossible! So I didn’t. I picked one of the few courses where I could actually study three subjects, and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.

Here’s a seven-part ode to the BA in Modern Languages at Warwick, a wonderfully flexible course for indecisive people! [Find out more...]

So much more than Freebies: Ten Reasons to attend an Offer Holder Day!

Attending an Offer Holder Day might seem like it’s not worth the hassle: if you have already previously attended an Open Day, live far away, are in despair over train strikes, or simply in denial about taking the next step in your educational life, I know where you’re coming from! However, after attending both Warwick’s Open Day and Offer Holder Day for Modern Languages a couple of years ago, I can promise you that there is honestly so much to be gained from coming along (beyond the freebies)! Don’t believe me? Let’s see if I can change your mind with ten reasons to attend…[Find out more...]