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Copy of Year abroad

All our undergraduate degrees in Modern Languages are typically four years long and include a year spent abroad. To help students get the most out of their year, the SMLC offers flexibility with when students go abroad (in year 2 or 3) and what they do while away.

Current students spend the year doing one or more of the following:

  • Working as a language assistant teaching English in a primary or secondary school
  • Studying full-time at a partner university in your chosen country
  • Completing a work placement

Students can tailor their experience in a way that best supports their learning and their plans after graduation. You can spend the whole year in one country or split it between 2 countries/languages. Students taking three languages can spend time in a third country over the summer. You can choose to study, work, or combine the two.

As of 2020, we offer students on four-year courses the option of transitioning to a three-year course, should they be unable to complete a year abroad. Those who choose to do a three-year degree are encouraged to spend time abroad in other ways, during vacation times. They are also required to complete additional work that enables them to meet the learning outcomes for the year abroad. Completion of the year abroad nonetheless remains strongly recommended for all students undertaking a languages degree with us.

Please check the relevant subject pages for more details of our year abroad options:

Year abroad fees

The University charges 15% (currently £1,385) for home students away from the University on a study or work placement, either in their second or third year.

Overseas students will pay 15% of £21,220 at £3,183.