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BA Modern Languages FAQs

What is the difference between a two-language degree and the BA Modern Languages?

The BA Modern Languages is more language-focused, since 75% of your time is spent on language modules and 25% on “cultural’ modules (e.g. culture, society, literature, film).

Can I switch degree to a two-language degree when at Warwick?

Yes. If you find that you would rather study only two languages, this is normally possible. If you do this, you will have more ‘cultural’ modules, either in the first language, or in first and second languages, depending on whether you switch to an ‘and’ degree (50/50) or a ‘with’ degree (75/25).

What will I study?

In all years of the degree, you will take three core language modules. You will also select one or two cultural modules, in your main language. Culture is also taught in the language modules.

How will I be taught?

Because 75% of your degree will be language modules, you will spend about 12 hours a week in language classes, and also have lectures and seminars in your ‘cultural modules’.

In your third language (if taken from beginners level), you will study the language intensively, in order to reach a high standard.

What standard will I reach in each of the three languages?

You will reach C1/C2 standard of the CEFR (Common European Framework of reference)

in the language where you have entered with an A-level (and also ab initio if you spend time abroad).

In the third language, you will reach approximately B1 or B2 standard.

Can I spend time in all three countries abroad?

Your year abroad depends on your language combination. If you take the second language ab initio we recommend you spend at least six months in that country. Otherwise, you may opt to spend a full year in one country, or split the year between the countries of the first two languages. We encourage students to spend vacation time in a country where the third language is spoken.

There may be some flexibility in this, depending on previous experience abroad, etc.