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Resources and Planning

On these pages you will find a wide range of resources to help and inspire you whilst creating your own Adopt a Class realia and materials. You will then share what you have produced with your partner school. Remember there is no idea too big or small when it comes to creating these materials for classes. The more creative, the better!

For more information on the project, take a look at the Adopt a Class Handbook 

The project plan agreement is for you and your contact teacher to sign once you have agreed to working together on the AaC scheme.

Some great online resources for teaching:

AllConnect Blog: Excellent resource for each of the key stages.
ALL Literature Project: Resources for teaching literature at different key stages.
The Language Magician: Using gaming as a way into language teaching.
Clipflair: Gives the opportunity to revoice or add subtitles to foreign-language clips.
Flowlingo:  Free online vocabulary learning tool.
Language Futures: Lots of ideas for initiating language teaching, along with resources to use in the classroom.
Language learning advocacy bodies: