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SMLC PhD student success in the HRC Doctoral Fellowship Competition

‘Shaping the self: Print culture and the construction of collective identity (1460-1660)’

Organized by Matt Coneys and Rebecca Pilliere


This conference will bring together scholars working across the Humanities to explore the relationship between early print culture and identity. The one-day conference will seek to examine the impact of printed media on the ways in which individuals and social groups sought to define themselves between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries. Alongside broader themes such as the relationship between print and urban identity and the use of print to circulate and process transcultural encounters, the conference proposes to explore how aspects of the printing process created and shaped groups of different social status and influenced the lives of the producers and consumers of texts.


'The Short Story Cycle. Circling Around a Genre'

Organized by Elio Baldi and Linde Luijnenburg


In our conference, the short story cycle will be approached through a variety of disciplines, ranging from Film Studies and Hermeneutics to Cognitive Science. This wide spectrum of approaches will shed new light on the genre (?) of the short story cycle. The many labels that have been given to the short story cycle, such as ‘short story sequence’ (Mann, 1989), ‘composite novel’ (Dunn & Morris, 1995), ‘short story novel’ (Clay, 1998), and ‘the novel in stories’ (Green, 2001), are evidence of both critical interest in, as well as uncertainty on, the specific nature of the hybrid literature that this category hypothesizes and, in a way, hypostatizes.

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