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InReach10x | Professor Timothy Saunders | Imaging the beginnings of life at single cell resolution

Professor Timothy Saunders from Warwick Medical School will be giving a seminar on Thursday, May 23rd, as part of the Summer InReach10x Seminar Series. The talk will be titled "Imaging the Beginnings of Life at Single Cell Resolution".

Imaging the beginnings of life at single cell resolution

Thursday 23rd of May| 13.00 – 14.00 | JX2.03 (Junction)

We all developed from a single fertilised cell. How does this single cell generate a host of distinct organs, with unique shapes and sizes? This question has long tested developmental biologists. In recent years, advances in microscopy have enabled the stages of early development to be resolved at unparalleled spatial and temporal resolution. Here, I will demonstrate how new imaging and technological approaches are enabling us to unravel how the earliest stages of development occur, from a single cell to an organ formation.

Professor Timothy Saunders gained his PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University of Oxford. He subsequently shifted field, and moved into developmental biology, setting up his own lab in 2013 at the National University of Singapore. He moved to Warwick in July 2021, where he is now the Director of the MSci Integrated Natural Sciences programme. He has gained an international reputation for being a genuinely interdisciplinarity scientist at the interface of biology and physics. His lab has developed quantitative imaging approaches to observe and perturb organ development within living systems. His lab uses such data to build meaningful models of how complex shape emerges during development.

If you would like to sign up for the talk and receive a calendar invite, please click hereLink opens in a new window

Thu 09 May 2024, 15:16

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