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Thursday, April 29, 2021

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Italian Research Seminar: Launch of Gender and Authority across Disciplines, Space and Time

Launch of Gender and Authority across Disciplines, Space and Time, ed. by Adele Bardazzi and Alberica Bazzoni (Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020)

Speakers: Dr Adele Bardazzi (University of Oxford) and Dr Alberica Bazzoni (ICI Berlin), Dr Ioulia Kolovou (University of Glasgow), Dr Rachel Morley (UCL) and Serian Carlyle (UCL), Dr Vanessa Lee (Linnaeus University, Sweden), Professor Tobe Levin von Gleichen (Harvard).

Respondent: Professor Maria do Mar Pereira (University of Warwick)

The event will take place via Teams. Join by clicking on this link.

All welcome, but please take a moment to fill in this short registration form.

This edited collection investigates the relationship between gender and authority across geographical contexts, periods and fields.

Who is recognized as a legitimate voice in debate and decision-making, and how is that legitimization produced? Through a variety of methodological approaches, the chapters address some of the most pressing and controversial themes under scrutiny in current feminist scholarship and activism, such as pornography, political representation, LGBTI struggles, female genital mutilation, the #MeToo movement, abortion, divorce and consent. Organized into three sections, “Politics,” “Law and Religion,” and “Imaginaries,” the contributors highlight formal and informal aspects of authority, its gendered and racialized configurations, and practices of solidarity, resistance and subversion by traditionally disempowered subjects. In dialogue with feminist scholarship on power and agency, the notion of authority as elaborated here offers a distinctive lens to critique political and epistemic foundations of inequality and oppression, and will be of use to scholars and students across gender studies, sociology, politics, linguistics, theology, history, law, film, and literature.