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60th National PG Colloquium in German Studies at Warwick

4th of November 2016, University of Warwick
Library Building, Wolfson Research Exchange, 3rd floor

9.00 – 9.30 Registration and Coffee
9.30-9.35 Welcome

9.35 -10.15 Panel 1: Language Teaching and Linguistics
Chair: Nora Michaelis (Warwick)
Sascha Stollhans (Manchester): Article selection in German generic noun phrases – A cross-linguistic and language acquisition point of view

10.15– 11.30 Panel 2: History, Memory, Narrative
Chair: Ellen Pilsworth (UCL)
Christoph Pretzer (Cambridge): Concepts of History in the 12th-century Middle High German Kaiserchronik
Stephan Ehrig (Bristol): ‘The chained laurel’ – Re-negotiating socialist individuality through a Prussian trauma in Adolf Dresen’s Kleist-Projekt at the Deutsches Theater (1977-1975)

11.30-12.00 Coffee

12.00-13.15 Panel 3: After the Wall
Chair: Ian Ellison (Leeds)
Michael Grass (Warwick): The EAST | WEST competition? Postwar rebuilding and shared narratives of memory, recovery, and reconciliation
Pia Deutsch (Warwick): The Losers – Young People in East Germany after 1989 and the Modern Time Regime

13.15-14.30 Lunch break

14.30.-15.45 Panel 4: Travels, Tropes, Translations
Chair: Hanna Schumacher (Warwick)
Joanna Raisbeck (Oxford): ‘In den Ozean der Welten’: Cosmic Voyages in the Long Eighteenth-Century
Sina Stuhlert (Bristol): The Salome material in the German speaking culture and the impact of translation

15.45-16.30 Coffee

16.30-17.30 Keynote
Chair: Maria Roca Lizarazu (Warwick)
Anne Fuchs (UCD): The difficult practice of walking: from Enlightened Walking to Crawling, Stalking, Modelling and Street-Walking

17.30 Wine reception (sponsored by the School of Modern Languages and Cultures/Warwick)

We are grateful for the support of:

  • The School of Modern Languages and Cultures (SMLC), University of Warwick
  • The Research Students Skills Programme (RSSP), University of Warwick
  • The Institute of Modern Languages Research (IMLR), University of London