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Tell us a Story

For Teachers: How to take part

Physical souvenirs can get lost, forgotten, thrown -

but what’s in your mind can never be taken away.

The word 'Hello' in many different languages

Wherever you go in the world, it’s the stories that matter - the people you meet, the experiences you have, the memories you make.

Here you’ll find a selection of short stories created by Warwick University Modern Languages students, inspired from trips they’ve made across the world and their feelings and experiences.

Feel free to browse, complete the activities and take part in the competitions where you’ll even get the chance to tell us your story.

So go on -

Explore the vineyards of Würzberg, the sights of Paris, the country roads of Guangxi, and so much more…

See some of the winning entries:

Picture Perfect: Primary School winners

Picture Perfect: Secondary School winners

Extend the Story: Secondary School winners

Have your say: Secondary School winners