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LN902 Translation Portfolio

Module Convenor (2023/24)
Dr Anna LanfranchiLink opens in a new window
Aims and Objectives


This cross-School postgraduate module provides students with an introduction to the principles of translation, with a particular focus on the challenges that translators encounter in their practice; in their assignment, students will produce practical translations and analyse critically their own translation strategies.

It is run through a mix of
(1) general lectures;
(2) language-specific seminars

In the general lectures, students will explore the theoretical challenges that specific genres (both literary – poem, short story, children’s literature - and media genres – audio-visual, advertising, newspapers, and/or social media) will pose to the practice of translation.
Crucially, in the language-specific seminars and through independent study, students will have an opportunity to engage in the practice of translation; the seminars will be an opportunity for students discuss with their language tutors their practical translations and strategies in preparation for the final assignment.

This course will allow students to:
• Become aware of the challenges associated with translation
• Critically reflect on the practice of translation
• Produce translations from/to their language of specialism that are appropriate for their specified purpose
• Develop their critical awareness, analytical and written skills
• Engage critically with theoretical literature and use this to support arguments
• Develop further key transferable skills including effective and efficient communication, self-motivation, self- reliance, co-operation, and time and information management.

Teaching Schedule

Module Convenor: Dr Anna LanfranchiLink opens in a new window

Language tutors: Dr Will Amos (French); Laura Woolley-NúñezLink opens in a new window (Spanish); Dr Sijing LuLink opens in a new window (Chinese); Dr Caroline Summers (German); Dr Anna LanfranchiLink opens in a new window (Italian)

Lectures: Monday, 9-11am, in OC1.02 (weeks 1-4, 9-10).

Language-specific seminars: Monday/Tuesday (rooms on Moodle).

Week 1 to 4, Lectures (Module Convenor)
  • Week 1. 2-hour lecture on genre analysis;
  • Week 2. 2-hour lecture on children’s literature/poetry;
  • Week 3. 2-hour lecture on audiovisual (subtitling);
  • Week 4. 1-hour lecture on advertising (1-hour only) + 1-hour on writing a commentary
Week 5 to 8, Language-specific seminars (Language Tutors)
  • Week 5: Language-specific seminar
  • Reading week for research and independent study - no seminar
  • Week 7: Language-specific seminar
  • Week 8: Language-specific seminar
 Week 9 to 10, Consolidation (Module Convenor)
  • Week 9-10: Consolidation on assessment and translation analysis (plenary sessions with module convenor)

100% Course Work: Translation Portfolio

This assignment will include the translation and commentary of three genres, to be discussed and agreed with portfolio supervisors. It is strongly recommended that students will translate in their first language.

Words: 5000. Please note:
- Source texts: min 300 max 500 words for European languages (480-800 Chinese characters) for each text. For shorter pieces, please consult portfolio supervisor;
- Commentaries in English: min 1,000 words, max 1,500 per genre