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Theatre of the Revolution and Empire

Marie Sklodowska Curie research fellowship: REV.E: Revolution and Empire. Evolution of the dramatic art and cultural policies between the end of French Revolution and the Imperial Era

Between October 2020 and September 2022, Paola Perazzolo will be undertaking a project on French theatre of the Consulate. Her Rev.e project has two objectives. First, the reconstruction of a missing calendar of the Parisian theatrical repertory during the Consulate (November 9th 1799-May 18th 1804) and the presentation of complementary primary materials such as coeval theatrical press reviews after Napoleon’s prise de pouvoir. Everything will be published in a freely accessible online calendar/database. This is meant to partially solve the current lack of reliable and easily available data by supplying a clear mapping of the repertory and of its “horizon d’attente”. Second, the project will investigate the relationship between the theatrical landscape and the broader social and political circumstances that defined this seminal period. Theatre will be analysed in its interrelations with History and cultural policies at a pivotal point in the years 1789-1815 that mark the birth of modern France.

The study will enhance critical reflection on a neglected production through the adoption of an original interdisciplinary approach taking into consideration historical, political and literary aspects. This will permit the definition of a more scientific and unitary vision of the evolution of coeval aesthetics and dramatic art.

Journée d'étude on Les masques de l'empereur, 23 April 2021: for more details see: